Error starting GW in the nightmare phase

chevchelliouschevchellious Member Posts: 23
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I just started GW at Nightmare level 33, he concluded, but it was not counted in the game and I still lost my attack.
I'm afraid to continue and lose more attacks


  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    Try completely closing out of the game and restarting it.
  • BelgarathBelgarath Member Posts: 105
    Many people have reported the same problem, restarting does not fix it.
  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    Ok, that was Fluxxx's advice in previous wars. Ultimately, I think it's the server lagging behind with all the traffic. Hopefully it "catches up" and starts reporting your battles complete after a while. Not sure what NG has done for compensation otherwise.
  • BelgarathBelgarath Member Posts: 105
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    Yeah, but we have had players do battles that others have already finished because it still showed as unfinished for them before it became clear there is a bug...
    So there will be wastted attacks no matter what...
  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    All players that complete the same mission still receive the 10RP for completing the level at least, but yeah it sucks that you miss out on the opportunity to attack another mission. Supposedly if you open a ticket, NG can compensate potential RP losses. However, they can't (won't) adjust VP with any opportunity losses simply attributed to "GW is still in beta, bear with us" as the stock answer.
  • chevchelliouschevchellious Member Posts: 23
    TJCart said:

    Try completely closing out of the game and restarting it.

    I already did before opening this topic, nothing happened

  • Verdao1914Verdao1914 Member Posts: 73
    I've heard reports from a friend who had a problem similar to yours. Unfortunately this is very complicated, as a single attack is already needed for the final result of a battle.
  • TireaTirea Member Posts: 50
    NG, any update on the issue? (also see

    Whole guild (and I think not only our guild) is/are waiting to play.
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