GW in a weekly format

I think one of the biggest problems for me personally with guild wars is the timing. Having most of a day to put my work in is a tremendous upgrade from having less than an hour to panic your points in!

However, I’m going to speculate here that what you’re doing is taking one game model and trying to mix a different one with it. For a few years I’ve played a game where I can functionally participate in a group at my leisure across a week, not counting Monday/Tuesday for whatever reason. I really like what guild wars is conceptually, but I’d love to see it delivered in a way where it can be something you can chip away at across the week so it coincides with what the game was when I fell in love with it,

I got more and more into this game because I can set the pace. I got kids, a wife, work, etc. most people have some combination of those things if not at least school to think about. Just one of those things can be enough to make setting part of a day aside or you let your guild down a hassle.That sucks... it’s effecting my guild.

We got someone with over 1000stars on this challenge who just put zero points into the last war. How can I kick him when our groups requirements are based on a weekly schedule, not daily? Yet, it’s upsetting others.

Awesome challenge participants have left because other also awesome challenge participants don’t have the time or maybe don’t have the time they scheduled days prior... and so on. (Without thinking about it, do you know what time of what day 5days, 17hrs is from right now, for example?..Now figure it out and schedule it.. I get it..time zones... but still)

I don’t want to schedule game time. That’s a lot like work if you ask me. I just grinded out my part on the two wars I was allowed to participate in. It wasn’t fun, I did it so I didn’t feel like I let my guild down.

Maybe you could so something where X amount of guilds were put against each other in the same war map, just bigger, and see who does the best. Hypothetically there could be 10 guilds and 10 times the ground to cover and scaling rewards for who placed 1st through 10th. Maybe it could somehow encompass the whole outpost part of the game? I’m not picky on much other than the time constraints to be honest!



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    There's actually a feature where you can "not join" a war. You aren't automatically placed in a slot. If it's a problem for the guild, make the guild requirements Challenge only and let the members know that it isn't a "War Guild." They offer these different modes to the benefit of multiple play styles without requiring you to play in any of them. Fortunately nothing is lost by skipping any of the modes, there is simply nothing gained for nonparticipation.
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    My gut reaction is to issue there standard "don't like it, then don't play it"... but at the same time I feel for what you're saying.

    The challenge game mode is "at your own pace" over 120 hrs.

    The guild wars game mode is "at your own pace" over 24 hrs.

    The problem guilds face is GWs is the shiny new toy everyone wants to play with.

    So if you're not active and RELIABLE for guild wars, you're not a player most guilds will want around.

    This does kinda throw a wrench in the engine of the old guild Dynamics.

    But maybe that's a good thing?

    It was getting pretty darn stale, let's be honest.

    And as some have suggested, there are guilds forming that are "challenge only" type guilds, so don't be afraid to boot those folks who aren't down for WAR. They'll find a home.


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    Challenge stars definitely seem to be lower during GW. Everybody wants to battle mid week so they can focus on the challenge during week end. I think GW should only be once a month and for 3 days.

    I also think the characters health should be seperated from GW similar to distance so that while they are waiting to heal in GW we aren't prevented from continuing the challenge.
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