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Guys. If you are going to do maintenance regularly (and please do!), can it be scheduled between the challenge schedule? Currently, there is an hour gap between challenges yet maintenance seems to happen just after the next challenge starts.

We all want the game to have regular updates to fix bugs and incorporate enhancements, but can you guys schedule maintenance windows so we, who are doing challenges can better schedule our playtime instead of trying to log on in the middle of a challenge that could create more bugs or issues? Maybe a maintenance day or time slot? Because we are losing time to get stars when the challenge clock starts during a maintenance window of a few hours!!!

Thanks for all you do!

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    Regular maintenance windows (regardless of it actually being used every time) would be desirable, for all parties.

    This time we found a cause for the rollback issues, and naturally want to get a fix out there as soon as possible. I'm sure you all agree with that :)
    (Note, I said _a_ cause - here's to hoping it was the only one)
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    Sure, Its just that maintenance started in the middle of a challenge for the last 2 challenges, so the clock is still running and we can't do anything until maintenance is done. I'm just asking for a clock delay if maintenance has to be done (I get it) during a challenge window (not sure if that is even possible...hence scheduled maintenance). ;-) Thanks for reading.
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    So if this is the case, would 3 day challenges be something worthwhile to look into? Challenge traffic splitting the weekend. Th-Sat and Sun-Tues having a maintenance window on Wed? Just a suggestion. Guaranteed (unless there is a mind-blowing bug to fix) 3 day challenges also helps guilds balance minimum requirements. @eetu
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    Slightly off topic but it would be useful if login triggered the maintenance announcement. Was playing a deadly when announcement popped. Fortunately, was able to get to end no harm. But I've seen posts where players lost survivors.
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    A lot of games actually use this concept!

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