Radio tower

Has anyone determined if the signal boost is worth it? i.e. Spend 15 radios to get a better chance at an epic or legendary.

What's the frequency of epic/legendary anyway? And how do you think it's affected by the signal boost. That is, is the max signal boost actually 15x more likely to get a 5 star? If not then we're just wasting radios.


  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    This has been asked before and I believe the answer is if you want a legend survivor you should only be doing the 15.

  • FeleciaFelecia Member Posts: 340
    I got a legendary with the 5 radio option today.
  • facemanakfacemanak Member Posts: 117
    Felecia said:

    I got a legendary with the 5 radio option today.

    You're very lucky! It is almost impossible!
    Best regards,
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    this is how i understand it; 1 call will give you anything; 5 call will give you anything except common (1 star) survivor; 15 call will give you anything except common (1 star) and uncommon (2 star) survivor. Upgrading the radio tower will not change these. Upgrading it only affects the level of survivor you might get.
  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    If you are only trying to fill slots, spend 1 radio.
    If you are trying to upgrade your current roster, go with 5-radio or 15-radio buys.
  • jureforjusticejureforjustice Member Posts: 270
    You don't need rares+ to do good in missions. I've completed episode missions with 2-3 lvl below the requirement, also, they were uncommon survivors. It's all on how your strategy works. That's why I love this game =D Ehem... Sry to have digressed from your question, but from all the reading of others and my own radioing, this is what I've picked up:

    Radio tent upgrade = Higher maximum lvl survivors (some people claim they have called max lvl 17 survivors with it)
    1 Radio = 1 to 5 star survivors
    5 Radio = 2 to 5 star survivors
    15 Radio = 3 to 5 star survivors

    Some people have done the 1 radio multiple times and have yet to receive a 3 star (the devs must've nerfed 1 radio since patch 1.4 released)
    Doing 5 radios, people have received 4 stars, rarely 5 stars.
    Doing 15 radios, people have received legendary more often than doing three times 5 radio calls.

    So from that, I'm assuming (because the devs won't say a peep about it) that it's best to do 15 radios should you want to get Legendary survivors.

    Also, it is worth mentioning, that you won't be able to upgrade your Training Ground past lvl 12. Meaning, you can only have survivors lvled up to 13 as of right now. So having a higher lvl survivor (max lvl 14) is not beneficial for you, YET, until the devs decide to add more upgrades to the Training Ground.
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    i got a rare hunter and rare warrior using 1 radio.. although most of the time i got commons.. just fyi..
  • JordiJordi Member Posts: 7
    I got all my good survivors using 15 calls.
    When you use 1-calls however, you will receive more experience points.
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,138
    Since everyone was complaining about the radio tent, I waited until I had fully upgraded it to call out. I did my first 4 15 radio calls today.

    4* 9/17 Hunter
    3* 7/16 Bruiser
    3* 9/15 Warrior
    3* 10/16 Shooter

    I'm pretty happy, particularly with the epic hunter! Those seem like reasonable max levels.
  • cjpeltzcjpeltz Member Posts: 2
    Sorry if this has been asked and answered there any way to purchase calls?
  • endoanimaendoanima Member Posts: 19
    I'm still not convinced that radio tower level affects survivor quality at all. 15 radios is definitely the way to go as pain full as that is compared to how good 1 radio used to be.

    But the tower level costs so much food.. really woukd be nice to know what I'm getting out of it. Example... Max initial Survivor Level for Level 5 Tent is Level 19 survivor. That's ALL the information the upgrade provides. I am still getting Level 7 initial survivors, and frankly I could care less about saving xp/time on survivor upgrades.

    Can someone help us out and clarify WHAT radio tent level does? Initial survivor level is not worth the upgrade cost.
  • Ken086Ken086 Member Posts: 1
    I wish there isnt a hard cap on the survivor's level. Once the new update is released, all my epic/legendary survivors will be obsolete since they max at 12-13. I'm guessing that we will have to keep using radios for new 'good' survivors with each update....that sucks. I want to keep the ones I have. I'm willing to spend big amount of radios to upgrade them instead of calling new ones.
  • JoyceGAJoyceGA Member Posts: 23
    My past three were using the 15 calls. All Epic and 16.
  • gabriel_lwhgabriel_lwh Member Posts: 454
    I just used my first 15 radios on the 15 calls option and pulled an epic hunter (level 6 of 14), which I'm pretty satisfied with.

    If you have no urgency to fill up your roster, accumulating your radios and utilizing them on the 5 or 15 calls option would be better.

    IGN: Gabriel
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