The sensible doubling thread



  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 608
    I got many of the guilds in my family of 5 guilds starting it. Once we started it a couple days later the thread to not be named started. It even makes sense to double on a map that isnt kill all. We will see what the dev's do. I am on your side of it all @avelardez. I think this form of GW was a step in the right direction that NG really needed. There is so much more planning then many think. Like as long as someone doesn't finish a map it stays open for others to join. Last war I found at that if I go in and find a map and someone else comes in an finished it. Someone coming in shortly after what get a chance to join even if I am still waiting.

    Honestly it would be awesome to have a GW like nation wars. But I wouldn't call it nation wars. Just GW battle of champions or something.
  • SektorPrizSektorPriz Member Posts: 49
    entering one mission and points from it is just a tactic, we learned about it from the forum and use it, and the team that used this opportunity more actively lost to us. so it’s not a cheat, just an opportunity to choose tactics. the more scenarios the war is more interesting.
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