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Welcome to the JJB GAMES guide to NML by NEXT Games, which in my opinion is the best mobile game there is. Whether you need tips on Guild Wars, are stuck on a tricky mission, or would like to know how to spend your tokens - The JJB Games guide to everything NML is the place for you.


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    Dont mean to rain on anyone's parade but you suddenly pop up out of nowhere? I hope you give people credit for where it is due. Like @JayZ @crambert_nec @avelardez and many others. I just dont want you taking credit for anyone else. Like jayz and his information thread is the holy grail of no mans land.

    You video was really cool for the map challenge not trying to shut you down. Your ideas are cool to.

    You call it the JJB guide to everything no mans land. That just rubs me the wrong way. Am example is I get to 2300 stars and still need help. How do you handle level 43 plus?
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    Don't listen to any haters JJB. What should he call his channel @rogueDS . JJB's guide (inspired by Jayz, Crambert, ave....)

    What is that old saying - Those who can't do, criticize

    The videos animations, and information is really well done. Keep up the great work Johnnyb!! Liked and subscribed

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    Thanks for the feedback @rogueDS, and I am happy to inform you that your concerns are completely unfounded. Rather than taking credit for the work of @JayZ (and others), I'm am communicating with JayZ with a view to adding some of the content I am developing, to his strategy compendium as an additional resource for visual learners like me (where of course, given their permission, they would get full credit in the video).

    I am embarking on a journey at the moment, where I aim to turn my game from a 1,500 per week game to one where I am earning 2,000+ stars, and now that I have discovered JayZ, that may well be possible, (congratulations on scoring 2,300 by the way). My videos are going to be aimed at helping mid level NML players start to make the changes that will hep their game advance. I even just started a C Game from scratch where I plan to make videos aimed at helping new players.

    JayZ's strategies work well for him because he is a top level player with all his ducks in a row regrading traits, badge allocation, pink stars and so on. My game(s) are very far away from that layout and although I am now inspired by the 'holy grail' (that I only discovered last month after I set up my YouTube channel) my strategies are my own, that I developed over many years of gameplay.

    My aim is to help the NML community - i'll give you an example. A few months ago, I got tired of sitting on my pile of hundreds of re-roll tokens with no clue how to use them, when I stumbled upon a video by a guy who seemed like he knew what he was talking about. I (sadly) spent them all eradicating lucky and a few other valuable traits from my game(s) and it will take me years to recover them. I have absolutely no chance of using HD/SR/Scout or bruiser strategies that form the backbone of JayZ's playing style because I messed up my Daryl and Rick scouts and even my Eugene(s). I want to make sure other people don't fall into the same trap by following harmful advice.

    I haven't exactly 'popped up out of nowhere' I was creating video content more than 3 years ago, but got too busy at work and had to stop. I am presently making full use of the lock-down period where I can't work, and I am spending massive amounts of time, researching, screen recording my gameplay, animating, video editing, sound editing, scripting and all the other work that goes into making one of my videos.

    With respect - as far as I know, @JayZ @crambert_nec @avelardez are not spending those countless hours animating videos, and as far as I am concerned the name JJB Games is well earned, but you guys should feel free to contribute here if you share the concerns of @rogueDS.
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    Thanks for the support @MoreCowBell - I could use all the likes and subscribes I can get!
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    @MoreCowBell I am not hating. Jjb gave a great answer and I appreciate him. Lots of props. Your comment I dont appreciate. I feel like I was not that attacking in my comment. I am glade he is giving them credit and talking with them. I just did not want to see something that might be plagiarism. Good job @Johnny_B
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    Thanks @rogueDS - I'm glad I put your mind at rest.
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