The Walking Dead: No Man's Land - 3.8 Update

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As we are all in lockdown at the moment and @Fluxxx is unable to bring you the official update video, my version is done in the Next Game style and brings you all the latest information on the upcoming 3.8 update. Topics included in the video are; the second spring campaign, the new game mechanic 'tool bag' that holds med kits and grenades, favouriting for survivors and kit and some adjustments to fast walkers. Click on the notification bell to let you know when I release my second video in the series solely dedicated to the drastic changes to Guild Wars, and feel free to like and subscribe to my channel!


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    Good work on the video--concise, insightful, and well produced.

    EDIT: Oh man, I just found the other place where this was posted with all the feedback. I swear I wasn't trying to copy everyone else, lol. Glad you got a good response on it.
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    Always great to hear from you @TJCart - and thanks for the continued support. The feedback seems to all be heading the same way so I guess I am doing something right! The discussion I started about my dream challenge entry seems like a good place for me to post new videos as a lot of people have been interacting with it already so it should make it easier for people to find, but I will always keep posting in the video vault too.
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