• kjaa002kjaa002 Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2016
    Google Nexus 5 version 6.0.1

  • ozzyozzy Member Posts: 2
    Samsung Note 4 Verizon
  • ozzyozzy Member Posts: 2
    Samsung Note 4
  • BronzERBronzER Member Posts: 12
    Htc E 9
  • dibald1dibald1 Member Posts: 9
    Samsung android version 4.4.2 -model #GT-PS210. Please fix, l cant get out of the mission, cant even play in the mission and I havent been able to harvest since upgrade.
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    edited February 2016
    @TK-421 my tablet updated this morning. All afternoon I've had constant connection problems - losing connection every 30 seconds or so. Is this the place to report that? Or is this a different issue?
  • z3r0d4z3z3r0d4z3 Member Posts: 80
    sostone said:

    Galaxy tab S2
    Version 5.0.2

    Is that the 8 inch? It works on my tab s2 9.7 inch.
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  • GonkistanGonkistan Member Posts: 166
    dibald1 said:

    Samsung android version 4.4.2 -model #GT-PS210. Please fix, l cant get out of the mission, cant even play in the mission and I havent been able to harvest since upgrade.

    I'm the same here, my phone should be a lower spec than my tablet but the game works on the phone not the tablet. It worked really well before a couple of game updates then degraded rapidly.
  • BoothbyBoothby Member Posts: 1
    Play Store: Android device not compatible! :'(

    Samsung S5 Galaxy SM-G900F

  • I've found this out if you clear out the google play data and cache game started working and I was able to download the game....hope it helps..
  • lastlast Member Posts: 0
    Hi! I have a Highscreen Ice 2: Android 4.4, 2 Gb RAM, 8 cores 1,7 GHz, screen 1280x720, why this game unaviable for my device????!!!
  • Cancerous1Cancerous1 Member Posts: 1
    Cube Talk 9x
    model U65GT
    kitkat 4.4.2

    Works great, connection timeout could be a little longer, its annoying when it says 'connecting' and has to reload when my router gets overloaded on the wifi it does it a lot

  • droyer202droyer202 Member Posts: 1
    Htc one m8....cannot upgrade. Keep getting same error code after downloading. Please fix asap. Also can't even open the game now without updating
  • AmurAmur Member Posts: 1
    Philips w6610 android 4.2.2

  • TetianaTetiana Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2016
    My fiance has samsung tab 3 mini 4.2.2 is there a way to upgrade to 4.4 for him so he can play even though it states you on only need 4.1 help won't even let him download say not compatible with this device
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    I am playing on an Adroid tablet which has worked great until today when the game time warped back about 48 hours and everything I had added is no vaporized. I have huge losses and need some help please.
  • RexR8rRexR8r Member Posts: 1
  • pissditpissdit Member Posts: 1
    Hi love this game spent hours time and money my tablet is a dragon touch x10 October core the game recognize it as a Sony x10 wtf is wrong thank you for your time and patience I will be waiting for your prompt response
  • Mikeb80808Mikeb80808 Member Posts: 16
    edited March 2016

    Can't download twd:nml due to this error.
    App for hardware info won't download either, permanent stuck in download pending... here's screenshot of my system

    Device that doesnt work is Samsung tab s2. Running app on android 5.0 on Samsung S5 phone (sm-g900v) and iPhone s5 with no issues. Well, game has me stuck on a deadly mission and crashes/reboots when all my survivors try to exit. Crashes on both android and iphone.
  • DemiDemi Member Posts: 1
    Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-I9100)
    Android 5.1.1
  • Mikeb80808Mikeb80808 Member Posts: 16
    no problem running on my samsung s5:
  • BobbyZBobbyZ Member Posts: 1
    Nextbook ares 11.6
  • BoroBoro Member Posts: 1
    i got z3, before update i got another rom, after update i installed another custom rom ( cyanogen based) and now i cant update , saying that my device cant run this game, any solution besides changing another rom?
  • Xamxu87Xamxu87 Member Posts: 1
    I got the same problem as "Mikeb80808" some posts above.. Couldnt update it, so I tried to un-install and re-install, but it didnt help. Tried all of Google plays ways to fix it, but nothing worked.. Any fixes for this? And I did just connect my Facebook to the game and not Google play, will I loose all my data becouse of that or does it come back when I reconnect with Facebook again?
  • ckpa6ckpa6 Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2016
    Lenovo A2010a
    Android 5.1
    Plz help me! ;-)
  • RandoRando Member Posts: 31
    Make: Samsung
    Model: Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (SM-T110)
    Software version: 4.2.2
    It's just a crappy little tablet, but it would be nice to play TWD on it... pwease? =)
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  • DomazasDomazas Member Posts: 1
    Make: Meizu
    Model: MX4
    Android 5.0.1
  • xarchangel18xarchangel18 Member Posts: 1
    Gigaset QV830
    Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
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