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The Scavenge, Challenge, Distance and Guild Wars missions have been re-using the same maps surely from time to time. NG, are there any new maps to be introduced in the near future (other than the dream challenge ones)?

If not, do you have a 'map-making toolkit' program that allows the public to help create new maps with your existing models and sprites? I would very like to create new maps for the game for free. No conditions, no rewards. I like creating maps as a hobby and I have the time for it. Also, NG reserves the rights to accept, reject or change any maps.

Thank you.



  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 398
    Unfortunately this was addressed by Fluxxx recently and the answer is no. The game simply wasn't built with a map making tool in mind and apparently to build one now isn't particularly feasible.

    It's a real shame as this game would benefit immensely from user created content.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 922
    Isn't there already a map making tool in the Outpost? Granted, it's limited, but I don't see why that can't be expanded in some way to allow us to create other maps.
  • ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
    @ADPaq sad to hear that from Fluxxx.

    If NG doesn't come up with something refreshing, this game will slowly die a slow death. The maps are getting stale. Even a new player like me can feel it after playing 3 weeks of GW. New players got bored and left. There's no real PvP. The rewards are dwindling and the grinding, oh my god. I think if not for you guys (the die-hard fans) and the Walking Dead TV series, this game would have ceased to have dev support earlier.

    It gets worse now that Rick and Michonne are gone in the next season of the TV series. The game can't sustain a healthy player base if there's no excitement nor challenge like what a real PvP provides. The Challenge in the game is repetitive after every 6 missions. If you attempt all the Master Missions to fast forward, they are all the same map.

    I don't see NG doing much for this game anymore as compared to the new open world Walking Dead mobile game. Resources and manpower are diverted for the other projects. I do hope NG is planning to overhaul the game in the near future, just like what Rovio did with Angry Birds 2 game. I love this game but I can only hope.

    Note: Next Games and Rovio are from Finland.
    (Go check out what happened to Angry Bird 1 game)
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