Challenge Tips - In the Dead of the Night - The Pyre

LHammondsLHammonds Member Posts: 25
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Mission: Reach the exit.

Keep your distance from the burning walkers at the top-left of the map. Work your way to the right of the map using reaction shots to keep noise level down. If you can take out a large amount with an assault, that is a good noise trade-off.

Special Enemies:
Burning - Melee attacks against them will result in catching fire. Recommended classes: Hunter, Shooter, Assault

Survivor Selection Screen:
Leader: Sniper
Middle: Shooter
Right: Assault

Initial drop order:
Left: Leader
Middle Shooter
Right: Assault

Initial layout of map upon arrival:

Gameplay Video:







  • Goptus_kfGoptus_kf Member Posts: 47
    In higher difficulties this team won't do the job.
    Too many body shots, no charges, no damage reduction/not enough hit points..

    Try 3 (rerolled) bruisers with an area damage weapon instead. Bruisers need an armor with protective suit anyway.
    For example RGG Eugene, Morgan.
  • LHammondsLHammonds Member Posts: 25
    My melee team suck worse than the ranged but I can still get over 1k with them.
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,313
    LHammonds said:

    My melee team suck worse than the ranged but I can still get over 1k with them.

    Once you get your Bruisers and Scouts improved, you can be crashing through 1500 Stars and pushing 2000! Just keep working on them and you'll be glad you did, :smile:
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