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I saw this on one of the boards Julia Eastman posted and credited JimPed with this. Good for all player levels!

A-assaults. Need to be able to take hits. 80%dr plus as much health you can give them. Ideal traits are-luck,dodge,iron skin and revenge/retaliate.

B-bruisers. Max DR and health. Backbone of your squad. Their job is to stun and take hits. Eugene,Morgan and RGG are essential players. Ideal traits are-luck,dodge,punish,retaliate and iron skin

C-charged attacks. Utilize those charged attacks. Heroes who help build points are-Sasha,Rufus,Morgan, Stabby Rick and RGG

D-damage reduction. Can be built up using iron skin on armor and survivor trait,badges as well as on weapons as tactical. Assaults and bruisers definitely want 80%. If you can get to 80 without the iron skin trait,it allows you to reroll to strengthen your guys.

E-Eugene. His leader trait is key to going far in the game. Less chance to get a critical hit or being stunned is huge. Very important character.

F.fire. Some maps you need to light up the enemy. Flaming crossbow is a great weapon because it has 4 traits. Flare gun is another that can light up without a charged hit. The flamethrower while having added damage, only ignites in charge.

G-Gabe. The good father. He is the only scout I badge like a tank. All DR and health. He is a great gate opener.

H-Huntsman Daryl, Creepy D or Drive By Daryl. Whatever name you use, this is the Daryl to use. His traits should be re rolled to mirror Stabby Rick. And his Prowl trait can take you far. I’m just not that good at it.

I-iron skin. Great trait for assaults,bruisers and anyone else who needs 80%. If possible with gear and badges, reroll iron skin for a better trait. Scouts,shooters and hunters should never have iron skin.

J-Jesus. He should be badged like a scout. All damage and critical damage. I like to use the dragon tongue with him. Ideal traits would be strong,ruthless,power strike and luck

K-keep saving those radios. I try to only use them on 2X calls and only for heroes I need to boost. A radio call for Merle is a pass for me.

L-luck. More luck,more better. If you can get it on gear and survivor even better.

M-melee. The only time bringing a knife to a gun fight is a good thing. No threat and the ability to reduce threat. I rarely use ranges anymore.

N-non heroes. Focus on one non hero of each class. Waste of tokens to try to have 2 of each class. Exception would be having 2 bruisers

O-outpost. Don’t invest anything into the outpost. More walkers mean more chances for the opponent to charge up. I use Carl,Dwight and Rosita with fire weapons as defenders. Their armor is set up for defense as well. Iron skin, bullet dodge and anti stun. Badges on defenders do not work

P-prowl. Creepy D’s leader trait. Mastering this tactic can do wonders

Q-questions. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Lots of knowledge here.

R-Rufus. To me the best assault. Mine has luck,dodge,iron skin and retaliate. With his leader trait I can get my bruisers over 30K in health. Very underrated.

S-scouts and shooters. I believe the term is glass cannon. All offense. Damage and critical damage. No need for retaliate because the goal is to not get touched. Iron skin is not needed either. Ideal traits are luck,strong,ruthless and power strike.

T-tradegoods. I buy every radio and gas crate they offer. Also the gold crate every time. Stay away from the gear with the random traits. Only get tokens for heroes you use. I build up one non hero class at a time. Buy those tokens and pass on the rest.

U-useless. In my opinion critical chance badges are useless. Some very high level players like them, but we aren’t high level. Wrestler,bullet dodge(unless on outpost) and sniper harness on armor and Sniper Morgan are all useless.

V-videos. When they get posted,watch them. Seeing a different team being used can really help

W-warriors. Jerry and Ezekiel are terrible.Beta’s leader trait can allow you to run to exit missions without needing to kill. Jesus I already covered. Michonne can be either all offense or a hybrid. Mine is a hybrid. She has health,damage and damage reduction. With her iron skin trait,tactical on the DT and armor, she gets to 80% DR.

X-??? I’ve got nothing for X. So I will go with opposites. I like to have someone from each class badged opposite how their class is. Examples would be Gabe as a tank. Tara as a tank. I have an offensive assault with offensive traits and badges. I have toyed with the idea of an offensive bruiser but have not done it yet.

Y-yes. Yes,you can beat the distance. And hit 2000 stars. It does take time and some cash to speed it up.

Z-Zwiehander. Doesn’t stun unless charged. It does look cool on someone you aren’t using

Credit to JimPed for this creation and Julia Eastman for the initial share! Great job guys!


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    Good stuff, but I must protest the useless category:

    "U-useless. In my opinion critical chance badges are useless. Some very high level players like them, but we aren’t high level."

    While I wouldn't put too many CC badges on a survivor, one good legendary badge can actually be quite useful. Also, I would think lower level players would benefit more from CC, especially if they aren't attacking enemies that are way above their RSL.

    "Wrestler,bullet dodge(unless on outpost) and sniper harness on armor and Sniper Morgan are all useless."

    Wrestler isn't as great as it once was, but for glass cannons what other options are there really (the same for sniper harness)? Unless of course this is still advice for low level players and they don't play to the point where they will get in to struggles.

    I agree with Bullet Dodge and Sniper Morgan though. Although I do use Sniper Morgan in PvP battles, and with some reroll he can be a good outpost defender, but I wouldn't reroll for outpost defenders unless you literally have nothing else to reroll.


    Also points off for using Prowl/Huntman Daryl for two letters :lol:
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