Unacceptable guild names

Jens_KFJens_KF Member Posts: 53
Hi @Fluxxx

Today some of the German NML players found a guild called „SS Judentod“, which is a „SS Jew death“, while SS stands for the worst part of the Nazi army.

If this sounds familiar to you, it is because of Brian sent it to you in August last year. Since then nothing happend.

We also found a guild called Judenbunker, which has „Gas, give gas“ in the description. And there seem to be many more guilds with names like this.

To be honest, there has to be a no tolerance policy regarding this. Especially in these times, while people all over the world fight for human rights and equality. These guilds have to be either renamed in 2 days or deleted completely in my opinion.

And yes, I posted in the big report thread, as there seem to be a huge bug in your name filter.



  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,160
    So wrong...

    They say the world is full of imperfect people, some are just way further down the spectrum than others.

    But sure how this is fixed, but it should be

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    I agree ☝️ with this post

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    Close this Gold please
  • kas1007kas1007 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2
    Close this Gilde please
  • lola_renntlola_rennt Member Posts: 23

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    I agree with @Jens_KF too.
    Guid namens like that are absolutely no go.
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    I fully support this thread....keep bumping folks
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    The Safehouse guilds support this post 100%
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    > @lola_rennt said:
    > (Image)

    @Fluxxx Maybe „hitler“ should be in your bann list, don’t you think?
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