Looking for new guild

Couple looking for new guild , competitive, I can get 13-1400 stars on average and hubby gets 11-1200 


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    Iv just DM you @Fahqbendover some details 
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    Hey @Fahqbendover we would love to have yas here at DTP, ps your still in our uk NW team chat :-)
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    You should definitely look into DTP! It’s an awesome guild with awesome people! Ask me how I know. :)

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    Click here to join TWD guild! 😎
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    To join
    click the link below



    an unorthodox or independent-minded person.
    "a maverick among Connecticut Republicans"
    synonyms: individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox person, unconventional person, original, trendsetter, bohemian, eccentric, outsider; More
    an unbranded calf or yearling.
    "a maverick recruit"

    •Once upon a time in NML history. A group of players decided to develop a guild with one purpose. Take over the leaderboard! We accomplished that goal first few weeks of being born. Then we decided to develop an environment where everyone matters regardless of star count.

    •We recruit all regions. Currently we have Brazil/Italian/English/Swedish/Chinese/Korean/
    French/German. We all speak the same language in the end. "Stars" We don't have a minimum. You play until you cannot play anymore. Mavericks is the home of some of the best players in the game. Want to increase your RSL a bit? Mavericks can show you how! We compete at the highest levels in the game.

    •We have a core group of players that have helped design the structure of mavericks. The leaders, the players all play a certain part in what makes us strong. Mavericks is a unity of many guilds. Remember CONQUER? Remember Rick Rollers? Two strong guild families that now call Mavericks home. We are not a dictatorship. Decisions are made by the entire family.

    •Many guilds die in this game. We're still here because we won't accept defeat. We won't fail. Come join us! Let's continue to build together! Not one player is more important then the other. Only thing you'll regret is the fact you didn't do it sooner.

    Our stars are your stars"

    What you will find here

    •Badge tips
    •Best traits
    •Videos each week.
    •Distance tips
    •GW tips (When it returns)

    Mavericks OG

    Mavericks NWO

    Mavericks NOC

    Mavericks CQR

    Mavericks RR

    Mavericks USA

    Mavericks UK

    Mavericks UC

    Mavericks RAD

    Mavericks UL

    Mavericks ZEN
    Many more..

    Interested in joining?

    Line ID: JordanIsaihaPiccolo

    Email: [email protected]

    search our groups using #mavs on NML
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    Zombie Grimes would love to have you both
  • Aussom_PossumAussom_Possum Member Posts: 31
    Join us at WonderWomanInc buddy.
  • Liven4_shawnLiven4_shawn Member Posts: 20
    The Death list is looking for ACTIVE players! We’re a great group and we chat a lot so... join in! 130 stars minimum to stay in! No spoilers!! Guild wars active players welcome! As a guild : 10k per week! We rock! <3
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