Origins Update Notes (3.9)

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Origins Update video:

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Origins Update Notes

📺 Origins Season Missions 

Origins Season missions will consist of 8 episodes based on the highlights of Seasons 1 and 2 of the show. Each episode will come out every Monday starting 27th of July.

Each episode contains a total of 32 T-dog tokens (See Heroes Section): 12 in the first mission and 20 for completing the whole episode within a week of its release.


 Summer Campaign: Origins

The seasonal campaign for the Summer season is the Origins Campaign. As usual, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

The highlight rewards are: Shane's Buckshot (See Weapons section) and Shane (see Weapons section).

Token collection table:


weapons Weapons

New Weapon: Shane's Buckshot (Hunter)

Special Functionality: 

Shotgun's attacks are cone-shaped. Attacks towards enemies who are within 2 spaces of you deal +{0}% additional weapon damage. Has a unique Charge Attack.

Charge Attack: 

Ranged attack that damages and stuns the target and the adjacent enemies around the target.

• Shane’s Buckshot shoots in the same cone as the other buckshot shotgun/festive shotgun, and the charge attack covers 9 spaces.

Weapon Change: Pickle Jar (Assault)

Charge attack no longer causes threat. (Normal attack remains silent)



New Hero: Shane 

Shane is a Hunter hero and he unlocks at Epic (4*)

His leader trait is called Explosive Bullets:
If Shane kills an enemy with a ranged attack, the enemy explodes, dealing {0}% of the exploding enemy's total Health as damage to adjacent enemies.The explosion has {1}% chance to Stun adjacent enemies.

As a leader, Hunters, Shooters and Assaults gain this bonus.
• Lucky affects the Stun chance of the explosion.
• Shane's other traits are Sure Shot, Marksman, Revenge, and Ruthless.
• The explosions do not generate threat nor deal friendly fire damage.

Level of Trait% of enemy health dealt 
as explosion damage
Stun % of the 

New Hero: T-Dog 

T-dog is a Bruiser hero and he unlocks at Rare (3*)

His leader trait is called Beat Em Up:
At the end of the enemy turn, T-Dog attacks a random adjacent enemy for {0}% of total damage. The damage of Beat Em Up and Punish stacks additively.

As a leader, Scouts, Bruisers and Warriors gain this bonus

• Beat Em Up is an extra attack on top of Punish - so with Punish and Beat Em Up, a survivor will attack twice at the end of the enemy turn. Correction: Beat Em Up stacks as extra damage on top of Punish.
• T-Dog's other traits are Strong, Dodge, Iron Skin, Retaliate.
• Both traits only work for adjacent enemies, so you won’t hit an enemy 2 spaces away even if you have extended range weapons equipped. However, with such weapons, you are able to hit multiple enemies depending on your positioning to the target.

Level of Trait % of total damage

Hero Rework: Rick 

His leader trait has been renamed to Inspiration:
For every enemy killed in the mission, Rick gains +{0}% total damage and {1}% chance to get an additional charge point on a kill, up to {2}% and {3}% maximum (Up to 5 enemies killed).

As a leader, all of your team members gain these bonuses.

There will be a UI element on hero portraits to display the current level of Rick's buff

• The buff from Rick’s Trait only takes into account his kills. Then as a leader, each survivors’ kills will contribute towards their own buffs

Level of Trait% Damage
per kill
Extra % for an
additional charge point
Damage cap 
(5 kills)
Extra charge point
 chance cap (5 kills)

Hero Change: Glenn 

An improvement has been added to his Leader Trait Lucky Dumpster:
After interacting with an object, Glenn is able to move and attack. Glenn gains Supplies after each mission equal to {0}% of the Experience earned from Glenn's kills. Lucky Dumpster can trigger once per turn.

As a leader, all of your team members gain these bonuses.

• Glenn can interact with 2 objects in a row at max. The effect of being able to do an action afterwards only triggers once.

Hero Skins

In addition to the LT changes, Glenn and Rick are getting alternative skins to go with the theme of Origins: Pizza Guy Glenn and Sheriff Rick. They will be available to everyone once the game is updated. They can be accessed by pressing the T-Shirt Icon on the survivor screen.


 New Badge Crafting system
The badge crafting system has been reworked to allow players more control over the effect of crafted badges.

*Recipes are not order-sensitive

Flat rate badges can no longer be crafted in the new system. You can only craft %-based badges.

The rarity of components you use affects the chance that the particular type of badge would be crafted. Badge fragments don't have an impact on the badge effect, but they still have a big effect on the rarity of the badge.

Assuming you're following a recipe:

1 common component gives you 5% chance to create a badge of particular effect

1 uncommon components gives you 10% chance to create a badge of particular effect

1 rare components give you 15% chance to create a badge of particular effect

1 epic components give you 20% chance to create a badge of particular effect

1 legendary components give you 25% chance to create a badge of particular effect

In other words, in order to have a 100% guarantee to create a badge of certain effect, you would need to use 4 required legendary components and a Legendary badge fragment.

Badge position, shape, and min-max values are still going to be randomized, only the effect can be controlled



Matchmaking is tuned to prioritize competitiveness and the same number of participants.

1. Matchmaking will prioritize finding you a match against an opponent who has a similar VP rating and has the same number of participants.
2. If a guild with the same number of participants isn’t found in your tier, the search will be expanded to look for an opponent in 1 tier below/above.
3. If the matchmaking still fails to find you an opponent, your guild will receive a match against an AI opponent.

Note: You can face the same opponent only once per war.

With the new system, we have also fixed the issue where the matchmaking took into account the guild tier at the time of the last registration for that battle.


💬  Other Changes

  • Health Bars above survivors now change color from Green → Yellow → Orange → Red

  • Elders can now purchase guild ads
  • Camera zoom and sensitivity on the Guild Wars map has been adjusted


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Favoriting survivors does not put them in the front of the list in the Distance
  • The red circle indicating an explosion doesn't show with Bayonet Musket's charge attack
  • GW defenders pick highest level gear instead of best gear (Most upgraded AND highest level)
  • Survivors health falls by >1% when entering a Distance mission (only when survivors' health was not full)
  • Daryl’s prowl deals less damage when Beta is in the leader trait
  • Some instances where players are stick in Guild Wars PvP missions
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