Help with my survivors traites & badges

I have lot's of survivors with good and bad traites, i don't know which one to keep.
And most of them are from 2018 😁, i took a break almost one year, now i'm back to the game, and i saw a lot's of changes.
I knows all the changes, fully understand.
In this point guys, i need to know what should i change with the traites & badges.

Assault rifel

Hunter (1)

Hunter (2)





And i have another question, How can i reduse Body shot, or how to increase %not to be body shot, as a hunter??


  • GothgulGothgul Member Posts: 292
    Have you read through JayZs guide, that will answer most of your questions. Only way to reduce chance of body shot is with piercing weapon trait for ranged, and razor for melee.
  • khaledkhaled Member Posts: 10
    No i haven't, where can i find the post??
  • RML_MCFCRML_MCFC Member Posts: 29
    It’s pinned near the top of the list. JayZ’s strategy compendium
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