Need a guild, lvl 43 hardcore core player 500 stars min per challenge.

pkaygh1pkaygh1 Member Posts: 14
Hardcore survivor and Im looking for a guild where members are active most time.
Accounts: LINE, Telegram, whatsapp other account requirements will be met if necessary.


  • aquilaaquila Member Posts: 285
    PM sent on behalf of WW family. 
  • RufusDog2016RufusDog2016 Member Posts: 9
    GALAXY RANGERS starting up a new group I am at level 74 but will accept all new members👍
  • Alpha98789Alpha98789 Member Posts: 136
    Hi @pkaygh1 pm sent
  • BenKeeleyBenKeeley Member Posts: 27
    @pkaygh1 come join The Eternals, we'll be great for you I know it. 
  • wonderwomanwonderwoman Member Posts: 204
    WonderWomanInc is recruiting new members.  Come join us
  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061 
  • macSloanmacSloan Member Posts: 3
    Saor Alba
  • skeeskee Member Posts: 15
    edited September 29
    We have 1 opening. Laid back guild with 200 star min. Majority do over 500 and a few 1000 plus. Check out STARS
  • BuddyBuddy Member Posts: 29
    Kats Warrior's 
  • carol40carol40 Member Posts: 15
    Dixon's army is looking for active members the only requirement is that you are active please pm maggie42 or maggie l croft at
  • wonderwomanwonderwoman Member Posts: 204
    WonderWomanInc is looking for active members.  No level requirement.  We only ask that you earn at least 1K challenge stars and participation in guild wars is required.   BUT, you don't have to be a baller at GW.  None of us were when we started but Kate, our awesome leader, along with our elders will help you out with strategy and general gameplay.  We're not end gamers, yet, but we love the journey we're on to get there.

    Join us.
  • TCBRITOTCBRITO Member Posts: 404
    To join
    click the link below

    •Many guilds die in this game. We're still here because we won't accept defeat. We won't fail. Come join us! Let's continue to build together! Not one player is more important then the other. Only thing you'll regret is the fact you didn't do it sooner.

    Interested in joining?

    Line ID: JordanIsaihaPiccolo

    Email: [email protected]

    search our groups using #mavs on NML
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