Forum TextArea DOM glitch: typing and pressing &nbsp or \r\n

FuriousMoldovanFuriousMoldovan Member Posts: 514
There's a glitch in this forum's TextArea that I started to notice probably 2 months ago:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Type anything as a comment or as a PM to someone in the Text area from mobile device.
2. Touch-move cursor to the beginning of your text or beginning of previous word.
3. Type something else in front of your previous text.
4. Press "space" (or "Enter").

Most of the time the previous text is being replaced by the new text (kinda like "insert" on PC keyboard in older machines) and scrambled at the same time AFTER you press "space", and sometimes after "enter" - new line (\r \n).

NOTE: I noticed that on mobile device only, using Samsung Galaxy S10, Gboard keyboard, Chrome.

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