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Occasionally, I read some of the comments in some of the discussions and they can be really funny. It would be cool if all the jokes and humor are placed in one thread so others will laugh, smile or nod after reading them. So, I decided to start this thread solely for this purpose. Anyone can contribute. It can be a humor, a tease, a tinge of sarcasm etc. If I think of more things, I will post it here. Of course, my humor may not be yours and vice versa. Never mind, it's just for fun. 

When I started playing, I noticed something about Merle very early in the game. Thus, he will be in my first scene.

Scene 1

Survivor: Merle is so lucky! He’s the only hero with two weapons.

NG: No. Every human can only have one weapon in the game.

Survivor: But he has a knife stuck at the end of his right arm. Surely, he can use it to kill some walkers, melee style.

NG: In the game, Merle is a shooter, not a scout. He can only kill with a pistol or a revolver.

Survivor: How about the knife?

NG: Too bad. He just have to saw it off.

Merle: What the f….., not again!



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    Forum Members: We love you Teeceezy

    Teeceezy: I am leaving NG

    Forum Members: We love you ZBot

    ZBot: Awww you love me, I am here foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Forum Members: Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    I am the one and only Zee Black, climbed all the way to Level 75, part of SG Woot, the 3 million star guild

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    Glenn: Look at my p-cap

    Rick: Look at my hat

    Shane: Damn NG, what would have happened if you had given me hair

    NG: Here you go

    Shane: Double Damn

    I am the one and only Zee Black, climbed all the way to Level 75, part of SG Woot, the 3 million star guild

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    zeeblack said:

    Forum Members: We love you Teeceezy

    Teeceezy: I am leaving NG

    Forum Members: We love you ZBot

    ZBot: Awww you love me, I am here foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Forum Members: Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    I smell a spanking coming I laughed my ass off tho 
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    Daryl: How did they get nose bleed? Why did the survivors not protect their own noses?

    Merle: I heard those fast walkers were undead women but totally naked. Probably the reason why. 

    Daryl: Sigh

    Moments later...

    We need to counter those "attacks" from the fast walkers. Any suggestions?

    Morgan: Introduce some blindfolds or face gears?

    Daryl: Good idea. Maybe NG will read this. Any more ideas?

    Jerry: Cotton buds! Just stuff it into your nostrils.

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    Carol Peltier at the rock quarry:
    I don't know what to do. I'm afraid of my husband. I'm afraid of everything.

    Carol Peltier at Terminus:

    (Started watching the series over and I forgot what a tiny mouse she was at first)
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    Angie: This coming September, we are celebrating NML's 5th anniversary. NG would like to thank everyone for all your support. The number '5' is very special to us and to celebrate this occasion, we are going to give you a radio deal that will guarantee to blow your mind off.

    5X Adamantium Deal
    Guaranteed Heroes Tokens

    At least one of the three options will be a guaranteed Hero or Alt-Hero.
    The other two options you have 55% chance of getting an Alt-Hero or 45% chance of getting a 5-star Survivor.
    You have 5 rerolls.
    You get to keep all three.

    Amount of tokens
    55% of getting 160 tokens
    25% of getting 640 tokens
    15% of getting 1280 tokens
      5% of getting 2560 tokens (specially for this deal only)

    All these for only 25 radios!!


    Angie: So many fives! What are you waiting for? Start saving those radios. Once again, thank you for your support throughout the 5 years. Hope you will continue to support us in the foreseeable future! 


    * I will strike lottery AGAIN if any of these comes true. If it comes true, I will high-5 everyone here! We can only hope . :smiley:

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    Okay, I must admit I'm not even Level 20 yet but today I am thinking of unlocking the Governor when I happen to see this...

    He is playing with himself while taking photo shots with NG!!
    Governor: I feel horny when someone is playing me! I AM THE BEST!

    While you scrutinize the pic, check out the father Gabriel too.

    These are static pics, can't see much... BUT if you see the animation. Unbelievable! What is NG doing? Mysterious ways indeed! Haha
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    My favorite is if you turn Jerry around and you see him dancing and swaying his butt...
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    Rufus is still the King of the Survivor Profiles with his butt-scratching, finger-smelling self! Just make sure he's holding a Pickle Jar or Reckonin'. :lol:
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    An Interview with the Vampire Walker

    Host: Angie

    Guest: Johnnie Walker (the normal type)

    Translator: Rob Zombie


    Angie: Good evening, Mr Walker. Thank you for taking the time to be here.

        Walker: Call me Johnnie and it’s my pleasure. If only I could do this more often.

    Angie: Why so? Is the working environment in NG that terrible?

        Walker: You have no idea. NG is a no good research center which experimented on my kind.

    Angie: You want to elaborate on that?

        Walker: Well, let’s start with us normal walkers. Every day, they send dozens of us into the firing chamber.

    Angie: Oh dear, wouldn’t that give you the second glorious death?

        Walker: Not if they DON’T aim at your heads.

    Angie: Why would they want to shoot you?

        Walker: It’s a research center, Angie. They want to know how much hit points we have.

    Angie: I see. I heard there are other variances of your type as well. Do you want to share their plight?

        Walker: Sure. My own brother and a few others were sent to the incinerator chamber.

    Angie: What’s that?

        Walker: It’s a place where they pour kerosene or oil on the walkers and set them on fire.

    Angie: That’s awful….ly painful. 

        Walker: Yeah, forever burning until they reach their second death. They are really hot, literally.

    Angie: I see. I heard there are fast walkers among your ranks.

        Walker: Fast walkers led a good life. All they got was a steroid injection which made them move very fast.

    Angie: Led? Past tense?

        Walker: They were all discontinued and terminated eventually.

    Angie: You sure?

        Walker: NG found that they move too fast. Way faster than any humans. NG doesn’t want that.

    Angie: Johnnie, I think they are back. Recently they were spotted. They are now slightly slower but their new attack causes massive nose bleeds.

        Walker: I guess nothing is wasted in NG. Now I understand why the punching bags exist in one of the test chambers. Wait till you hear about the fat walker.

    Angie: I’m sure it’s an interesting story but for now, it's time for commercials. We will be right back.


    <to be continued>

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    How best to caption this? :

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