Allow us to pick survivor class in radio tower

I would like an upgraded radio tower with more options. Something like this:
- Spend 45 radios and you can choose a 3-5 star specific class.
- Spend 75 radios and you can choose a 4-5 star specific class.
- Spend 125 radios and you can choose a 5 star specific class.

ATM we can waste a lot of radios and don't get anything usefull and that is very frustrating :/


  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    That is part of the fun of the game, not knowing what you will get...
  • MizifuuMizifuu Member Posts: 62
    It isn't fun to spend 255 radios in x15 stack and get 0 hunters :/
  • rayray Member Posts: 111
    Maybe a new building to take a shooter put them in a 5-7 day training camp and turn them into a hunter, and a bruiser to a scout or warrior.
    Just a random idea but could work.
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  • GendorGendor Member Posts: 9
    Yes, make things less random, random isn't fun when you have to take chances that can be wasteful.
  • saitamaasaitamaa Member Posts: 1
    It will good if we can choose the class at least we can choose range/melee class..if choose melle than chance to get scout/bruiser/warrior and so on..
  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
    I think it has to remain random TBH but I think they need to fix the coding of it as it seems that everyone tends to get a lot of one type.

    Me personally I've to date done 16 radio calls using 15 radios and I've received 12 yes 12 bruisers now that cannot be right.

    When there are six variables to pull 12 of the same thing (was 8 in a row at one point) suggest to me there is something amiss in the coding,
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    how about additional option like this:
    *use 30 radios = get 2 rare or above survivors of 2 different class
    *use 45 radios = get 3 rare or above survivors of 3 different class
    *use 60 radios = get 4 rare or above survivors of4 different class
    in this way, we have more chance to get what we wanted because we wont get same class in this way..
    what you guys think?
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