GALAXY RANGERS looking for you

RufusDog2016RufusDog2016 Member Posts: 9
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This group is called the Galaxy Rangers, we are a very casual group. Only ask that you participate in Guild Wars and weekly Challenges. All levels welcome!


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    @Fluxxx maybe moving this post to the guilds' section???
  • lilmanpjlilmanpj Member Posts: 82
    @RufusDog2016 I saw you just started a new guild how is it going? I’m from Retibuition 1 we have 1 & 2 looking for some new members if you are interested in joining up?
  • RufusDog2016RufusDog2016 Member Posts: 9
    @lilmanpj I had one person join LOL. But then we signed on with the Desert Rangers and having a pretty good time, so if you're ever looking for a new group...
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