Add Bleeding Resistance to Bulletproof

This is an idea I came up with while discussing Fast Walkers in a couple other threads yesterday. I decided to make a new thread for it, to formally suggest it to NG. 

I don't mind Bleeding as a status condition in the game, plenty of games have different status effects, but there is usually some sort of counter for those effects. Currently we as players can do nothing to prevent or cure Bleeding without wasting a turn. We then just get hit again, and we keep bleeding.

I propose to add Bleeding Resistance to Bulletproof, it can be the same percentages as Stun Resistance. So Gold Bulletproof will be 30% chance of bodyshot for ranged attacks, and 75% chance to prevent bleeding. Silver will be 20% and 50% respectively. I forget the exact numbers for Bronze but I assume it would be 10% and 25%, correct me if I am wrong.

The reason I am proposing to add it on to Bulletproof, instead of making it a separate trait, is because Bulletproof isn't that desirable of a trait to begin with. There just aren't that many maps with ranged enemies to justify upgrading Bulletproof armor. Bulletproof definitely needs a boost and if Hazard Suit can have two effects, then I don't see why Bulletproof can't have a secondary effect as well.


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