Lucky again..

hard to find complete info.. can you help to verify that? 

Lucky does increase a survivor’s Critical Chance, but it’s ADDED to all Accurate/Power Strike/Sure Shot to give the total value of accurate.
  • So if you have 15% Accurate, 20% Lucky and 30% Sure Shot, your total Critical Chance would be:
    • 10% base critical chance + 15% (accurate) + 30% Sure Shot + 20% Lucky = 75% Total Critical Chance

Also where to find complete list of hero treats, affected by lucky?


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    As far as I know we were all under the impression that Lucky added directly to CC instead of multiplying by it's % but this was found to be wrong. I believe Fluxxx looked through the code to find out.

    It would be 10% base + 15% accurate + 30% sure shot = 55% CC * 20% lucky would be 66% total.

    This was the original thread about lucky. I can't remember whether there is a newer one.
  • dalmerdalmer Member Posts: 93
    I was intensively testing this AFTER Fluxxx's statement and for me it was clear that Lucky is actually ADDED to Critical Chance regardless what they thought they found in the code.
    Maybe this was changed since then, I don't know, I've lost interest.
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    Because I was sure of results from before that were suggesting that Lucky is added to Critical Chance I re-run tests and this is what I've found:
    Legendary Ezekiel with lvl 4 Lucky (16%) with weapon with silver Luck (15%):
    On 101 kills 16 were critical (15,8%) so for sure it's closer to expected 26,2% (20*1.31) if Luck is a multiplier than to 51% if Luck would be added.
    3 pink star warrior survivor with lvl 8 PS (48% CC) without Lucky both on weapon and survivor:
    On 112 kills (all made AFTER move) 81 were critical! (72%)
    All test were made on hard scavenge missions (rsl +2, rsl +5)
    This means that PS is broken and explains my false results from before, because Ezekiel is my only playable melee character without PS and for sure he was not used for testing before.

    - Luck is Critical Chance multiplier
    - PS is broken and is working also after move

    Edited to correct warrior base critical chance from 15% to 20%
  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 1,147
    Warrior base crit chance is 20%, not 10% so Ezekiel’s crits are really low. Are you sure some attacks were not in bodyshot territory. With RSL +5 that would decrease critical hits a lot.
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  • dalmerdalmer Member Posts: 93
    No, there were no bodyshots, so Ezekiel missed 10 criticals. It's little bit strange. I'll test him more in a spare time.
  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 1,147
    Remember that a bodyshot that kills an enemy will not get the bodyshot text popup so just looking for the bodyshot popup is not a reliable method.
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  • dalmerdalmer Member Posts: 93
    You're right, but since Ezekiel is a hero (lvl +1) he would expect bodyshots on walkers lvl 33 and above, but I was testing him only till lvl 32.

    Anyway I've made second round with him and dragon tongue (cc 23,2% expected) and on total of 135 kills there were 49 criticals (36,2%) so I think that observed inaccuracies were due to relatively small samples. Mixing both samples we would approach to expected values. 

    This doesn't change the fact that Power Strike is broken anyway.
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    Well I wouldn’t shout too much if powerstrike’s CC chance is working even after moving, that’s the sort of bug that NG can fix really quickly usually. 😂
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