Need 1 day for relax

Among the challenges you must have at least one day to relax or to complete episodes of the game, to gain experience, food or influence by the various missions. As it is the game takes too much effort. You could reduce challenge missions from 6 to 5 and extend the duration of the challenge in four days, with a day off before the next challenge. In this way the player would have time to catch a few hours of lost game or take to the limit the number of stars per mission of the challenge (which in my opinion is the most beautiful part of the game and technique). Also you would have a long day to do maintenance to the game without having to do ongoing challenge as this week.
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    I think the players, the mods, the devs, the survivors, the server team, the interns, all the rest of NG staff, housekeeping, the tidy bowl man, mr michelin, the stay puff marshmallow man, aunt jemima, capt crunch, both Morgans and even the server itself need a break to rest at this point but my begging and pleading has fallen upon deaf ears. Good luck with this renewed effort and thanks for picking up the torch on this one for me buddy.
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    Or join a group that takes breaks and does not force players to meet minimum requirements.
    When soft cap comes I quit the game.
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    it is true, time is limited on challenges, and now no even break to allow for maintenance to happen outside of challenges, so double impact.

    a few options..

    2* 3 day challenges always giving a day for rest bite and also for the maint fixes etc!

    equally and can be in combination, reduce the number of maps per challenge.. having just 5 maps instead of 6 per challenge would make a significant difference, also means less effort to rlease new content / map level s if you have to develop less, and allows maps with known exploits to be easily removed.

    although personally id prefer to see 1 4 or 5 day challenge a week to allow time for outposts and mission levels, dont recall last time i did a story mission, or exploration.
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    If infrequently games then it's fine whatever but if high-level games and want to do good all the time is not enough. I am part of the "Sopravvissuti", first guild in Italy and among the first in the world. We are all senior players not occasional. This fast pace has forced some of our guild to abandon the game with a loss of money even for Next Games. A break of one day after 4 days of challenge to all would agree.
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    I fully agree. I changed from an ambitious guild to one that is more chill bc of that. Sooner or later this will be to much for most of the players. But im sure a lot of the ambitous players would rather stop playing than going to a smaller guild. So the game will loose their p2w players.
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    @Alex_TWD I fully agree
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    Completely agree. Many of my fellow guild members are leaving because its just not fun anymore. It doesnt make sense to ba e a challenge going all the time.the resources needed to upgrade is getting pretty insane already and the fact that we have to deal with those pitiful rewards in the beginning of challenges sucks too. Not to mention we deal with that twice a week. Getting 150 resources per box in the beginning makes half the challenge insanely boring when upgrade costs start getting into the millions. Awesome i might be able to upgrade something next month!
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    bumshoe said:

    Or join a group that takes breaks and does not force players to meet minimum requirements.

    That is a perfect solution.

    It's too bad a lot of guilds have star quotas or they kick you. Goes to show that they don't really care about their members.

    After all, it is only a game. B)
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    We need a player union United Undead Killers Stay Alive Together - UUKSAT. First we organize, collect some dues then make our demands or strike. Scabs get thrown in the zombie pits.
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    +1 on all the above !!
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    I liked the one challenge a week
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