What is your phone ringtone?

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Hello friends
Which ringtone are you using, I would like to know your preference with mobile devices.
I'm using the "Shape of you" ringtone - Ed Sheeran By KlingeltoneKostenlos.com
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what is your ringtone?


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    Artisans said:

    Here's mine. Suitably "Fierce", @capibara. :p

    Oh My Fierce Goddess!!! :)
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    The default one...but I don't know why I hear

    When it rings :D
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    My ring tone is: The McDonald’s “Give me that Filet-O-Fish” commercial song.
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    My suonerie is Dance Monkey song. Do you like it?
  • JimiFaithJimiFaith Member Posts: 851
    I don't have a phone... :p

    but the last one that I used with ringtones, had:

    For text...


    For calls...

    It was a Sony Ericsson W200... haven't used any ringtones since... I'm a silent phone kinda person...
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    "Always be yourself unless you can be a capybara. Then always be a capybara".
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    My phone ringtones is the Christmas song
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    Type your commentThe sound of a steel ball shooting game cabinet

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    A ringtone is the sound your phone makes when there's an incoming call. Ringtones are available in many different sounds. Although your phone comes with some ringtones, you can download additional ringtones directly from your mobile phone service provider or from one of the many Web sites that offer ringtones myprepaidcenter
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    My iphone ringtone is default
    download free iphone ringtones at : https://sonneriesgratuite.com/sonneries-iphone/
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    I set my ringtone as a song that I really enjoy. I really like the song Luke Combs Forever After All 
    Ringtone that I use the longest is samsung ringtone
  • LefflerHirtheLefflerHirthe Member Posts: 1
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    My dzwonki na telefon is Despacito. Do you like this song? 
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