Wanting full active guild

Hey guys, I just got back into the game and playing everyday multiple times throughout the day. Low level only 29, but I get 200+ stars. USA,  English speaking. Wanting to be part of a fun team. Would love a group with a discord 


  • AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 960
    Hey @Bryce1020 Lost Souls 3 have your minimum stars! We are a high leaderboard guild family! Hope to see in!! TY 
    Andrea Lost Souls leader
  • RGrimesRGrimes Member Posts: 14
    Zombie Grimes has a 200 minimum we are a easy going but active guild and would love to have you we don’t have a discord but we do used the Line chat app so if u want check us out
  • Liven4_shawnLiven4_shawn Member Posts: 20
    he Death list is looking for ACTIVE players! We’re a great group and we chat a lot so... join in! 130 stars minimum to stay in! No spoilers!! Guild wars active players welcome! As a guild : 10k per week! We rock! <3
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