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  • NovellNovell Member Posts: 354
    Dedmon said:
    @Fluxxx any thought or idea when the next call to arms event may be?  I think twice a year is reasonable (one every six months).  Thanks!!!

    +1, bring also (unicorn) Armor in the next event. That would be awesome!
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  • Gobold69Gobold69 Member Posts: 133
    If the price is nearer 500g I may buy stuff I need. At 1000 again it will be nothing. Sorry 
  • NovellNovell Member Posts: 354
    Fluxxx said:
    We'll have Call to Arms starting this Wednesday until Sunday :) 

    Hope with 1 or 2 unicorn armor. Thx Fluxxx.
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  • 3vilrine3vilrine Member Posts: 259
    I hope also armor take place in this event not only "weapons" like in the description
  • DedmonDedmon Member Posts: 26
    Fluxxx said:
    We'll have Call to Arms starting this Wednesday until Sunday :) 
    Thank you for listening! It's a great opportunity for F2P players, gold savers, new players and those who missed out on getting various older weapons during past spring, summer, winter events, etc. You won't please everyone no matter what you do but I believe it's a success and a great offer even if there's only one weapon worth buying. The majority of people will appreciate it and enjoy collecting weapons while others have the choice to pass. Thanks again!
  • PastePaste Member Posts: 827
    My wallet is ready.
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  • m4sm4s Member Posts: 547
    What will the weapons be?
  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 402
    Not sure what I still need after picking up my flare gun from GW over the weekend, but I’ll keep my eye open for a good duplicate, alternate, or armor.
  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 322
    How is offering items for gold any different from offering them in the shop? There is no advantage. I'm always out of gold because I push every week to score as high as I can. It's senseless to offer real rewards for gold which costs green cash in the first place!
  • BustaBusta Member Posts: 109
    edited August 2020
    How about weapons with new traits 

    disclaimer I haven’t read all the posts so sorry
    if others have mentioned this. 

    Decimator with lucky or incendiary instead of piercing. 
    Morgan’s staff with interrupt tactical and razor 

    tactical spear with threat reduction 

    golden rifle with interrupt, piercing and incendiary 

    chainsaw with built in razor (built like I recommended in the bloody congrats thread) 

    shooter flaming bow with tactical (think winter bow) 

    Instead of offering us all the same weapons we can all already buy with the bundles. 

    Change the traits make this event worth our whiles 

  • LoneWanderer360LoneWanderer360 Member Posts: 591
    We just had the seasonal event. I have  very little gold after resetting the distance 3x. The trade goods idea is a good one.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,116
    It’s slightly better timing than last time! It was run during the actual campaign last time wasn’t it? 
  • DeadheadsDeadheads Member Posts: 738
    How about a tactical/lucky/razor morgan staff?
  • MudMoccasinMudMoccasin Member Posts: 779
  • Da_Dao_MedveDDa_Dao_MedveD Member Posts: 8
    What's in the store today? I don't want to wait for my 3 hours  :D 
  • VitoFirstVitoFirst Member Posts: 13
    Day 1 - Golden Assault Rifle.
    Not bad)
  • Da_Dao_MedveDDa_Dao_MedveD Member Posts: 8
    I have money for only one weapon and I'll probably wait for the next one...
  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,180
    For this to be of any value to long term players it should be an exclusive weapon that isn't available in bundles. 
    A harpoon gun with silver luck and gold incendiary /silenced would make me spend my gold. 
  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 402
    Reality: council update is next month and I only have enough reinforcement tokens to level 12-13 items. I won’t be buying any duplicates I’m going to leave behind in another few months, anyway.
  • DeadheadsDeadheads Member Posts: 738
    This is one of the best events IMHO, allows F2P to get some good equipment.  The only complaint I'd say is NG should announce the event well in advance along with what will be offered.  If you play regularly it can take a long time to save up a few thousand gold.  It'd piss me off to no end if i spent my gold early and saw something awesome come out later or wait and have crap come out later.

    Still, some improved unique weapons would be a good thing @Fluxxx !  Lucky Decimater, Lucky/Incindeary harpoon, Lucky/Tactical staff, etc
  • JLCJLC Member Posts: 35
    Ever since the first Call to Arms event back in March, I’ve been diligently saving my gold in anticipation for the next Call to Arms. 6 months later, here it is and I’m ready.

    I don’t usually buy weapon bundles, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get special weapons for free. Thank you, NG!
  • eduardogrooveeduardogroove Member Posts: 21
    gonna wait to the last day, shure they will offer the best weapon choice in there again 
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