Badge 20% effect boost

Hey all,
Couldn't find any similar thread, so I opened up this one.

Recently I've crafted a couple of badges for damage resistance (DR), and I wore them all, so now they are actually 4 of the same badge set.
I showed my guild mates the set I've got, and they told me it's just 78% DR, not 80%.

My badges are:
23% (DR)
22% (DR)
18%+4% conditional (DR)
4th badge of the same set (not DR of course).

The condition of the third DR badge is met.
By what it shows on my character's equipped badges it is:
23%*1.2 ->  27%
22%*1.2 -> 26%
18%*1.2+4 -> 21%+4%

By a calculation I did together with some guys who helped me in a discord server related to the game, the calculation was
67*1.2 = 80.4
Which has indeed reached the cap of possible DR bonus.

I've tested the 4th badge I had in that set (it's a hp badge), and from my test, the 20% boost applies on the conditional bonus as well, since if it wouldn't, it would be a lot less hp that I actually had:
Eugene, wearing a lvl 1 armor (33hp), has 7418 HP without badges.

afterwards, I've put the HP badge on him, which made the 7418 increase by 23%+6%= 27% into 9569 HP

then, I put the 4th badge and the HP increased to 9999, which is actually the bonus of (23+6)*1.2 = 34.8
and 7418*1.348 = 9999

Thus, everyone who said the conditional is also being boosted by 20% for 4 or more badges of the same set was right, since there are also some hidden zero dot something numbers (0.3 for example), buuuuut......
my friends from our guild told me it's not the situation with DR badges, and that they are calculated differently since the HP badge is increasing a flat number value, and the DR badges are fully percentage values, so it's counted different - what you see is what you get (so what they saw is 27+26+21+4 =78)

None of sides could bring any actual proofs or explanations to why they are right.

To cut a long story shot, are all badges being boosted equally? Including or excluding the side bonus (the conditional)? Do all badges that have hidden numbers include the hidden part when calculating the total? (like if 23% is boosted it becomes 27.6%, but the 0.6% ain't showing on the badge)

I would really like to know the how it is being calculated and applied, would love to hear an official answer, but experienced players are also very welcomed to comment here and explain the correct calculation for this situation.
Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out!


  • VersyseVersyse Member Posts: 46
    Yes I don't have an IS trait on Eugene, I do have a weapon trait of tactical tho, but I wanted to make sure I have reached the 80% cap of DR with only badges, in case I'll need to change his weapon to one that doesn't have tactical trait..
    I would need 3 DR badges anyway, since I can't reach 80% DR with only 2 badges + tactical weapon trait, in that case I'd need either a third badge or an IS trait on my armor, which I don't really want, better close this DR cap with the badges and have some other trait in the armor..

    So you are saying my guild mates are wrong, but how can I prove and explain it? Saying there are rounding errors isn't really much of an evidence :\
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 572
    27+26+21+4= 78%
    On the page seen

    Doing your own calculations you make 80.4%

    I don’t trust the game so I would work off 78%.
    By your calculations you are correct, but do you trust a game that won’t take the face value they have shown you on the screen?????
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,020
    edited September 2020
    I had the same worries when I started badging up my team going off the 'hidden' values but I feel confident that it's true. I didn't care enough to test it as thoroughly as suggested by @PigBenis but what I did do was take two survivors into a scavenge mission to test with, one with the same numbers as yours and one that was undeniably at max DR to see what sort of damage numbers they received. The numbers were so close together that I was pretty confident they were both maxed, granted it was quite a small sample size of 10-15 hits but it was enough to put my mind at rest.
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 572
    @WellyLuga and BigPenis haha

    Hung like a Rogue Elephant haha
    back on topic ha
    I just don’t trust the game that a hidden value will give it to us otherwise they should give us totals at the very screen. Let us know where we are at percentage wise so we don’t have to work it out all the time. 
    It’s like Lucky, we know it’s there but it can be a whole lot of hoping as well. 
    Same goes with this 2% DR. 
    If you believe in it. Fill your boots and rock it. But are you that hard up that you can find 2% from Armour/Tactical/Toon IS. And if you can make the full 80% from badges. You are no slouch and have probably played for a bit. 
    But how do you sell these thoughts to the guild. The only way is Trials like the Rogue Elephant said. 
    And before you guys try to tell me what is best for a bruiser. Yes yes I know I know. 
    I prefer my Tactical Staff more then my Lucky anyways so I’m good in that sense. But I do understand why you want the lucky. Assuming your goal is Lucky/Concussion/Razor, Retaliation/punish/lucky/dodge and for the armour hazard/dodge/health for non fatties etc
    Is that correct?

    Maybe if we ask Fluxx, he can give a definitive answer. 

  • cyclon98cyclon98 Member Posts: 60
    edited September 2020
    Aside from rounding, there are other reasons behind the visual errors.

    My 2 DR 20% badges(no bonus condition) showed 23%(instead of 24%) after set effect.
    That's, I believe, clearly visual error but not caused by rounding issue.
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 572
    Oh it’s a dodgy no doubt. 
    I have a 14% badge that is 16.8% and they show me 16% in the badge set. 
    @Fluxxx Can you confirm if this is actually 16.8% or does the game use the number they show. And why does this round down 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Can you look at this thread and explain the Damage Reduction- is it 78% or 80.4%
    This would save a lot of discussion 
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,020
    @brucewayne007 Yeah for someone like Eugene/Morgan I will always prefer lucky on my staffs, I think it's unlikely to change ever. I just value the extra % towards their leader traits, dodge, and concussion in every single turn than I do occasionally being able to move after attacking.  It is far more situational and many turns I have already moved or being able to move is of no benefit to me.

    I use tactical on RGG as his badges are a little more conditional to get to 80% without it and I just don't feel that he benefits from lucky as much as his LT is no longer in effect after the start of the mission. 

    Each to their own though :smile:
  • VersyseVersyse Member Posts: 46
    PigBenis said:
    Another way to confirm would be if you had a badge with a conditional bonus of 5%. When applied as part of a set it should show 6% instead. This would show that the game is in fact rounding down. I just checked my game and I do have one just like that. It does show 6% on the secondary condition just like I suspected, so the game does in fact round down. That doesn't mean that the decimal part isn't active, it just means it's likely not displayed.
    This is shown with my calculation of the HP badge on Eugene, with the screenshots attached at the first message..
    the badge's conditional bonus indeed doesn't change visually, it was supposed to grow from 6 to 7.2 but it stayed as 6 in the display, tho by the calculation I did it clearly shows it's actually not 6 but 7.2..

    Question was, if these calculations are applicable on the DR badges as well, since they stack up the %'s together while the HP badge is increasing a flat number whose value clearly shown.
  • VersyseVersyse Member Posts: 46
    My friend just got an answer by the ingame tech support that the bonus doesn't influence the conditional bonus of the badge... :neutral:
  • cyclon98cyclon98 Member Posts: 60
    edited September 2020
    Versyse said:
    My friend just got an answer by the ingame tech support that the bonus doesn't influence the conditional bonus of the badge... :neutral:
    I got the same answer when I asked about 20% DR becomes 23% instead of 24%.
    Honestly, and no offense, I think they don't know the game mechanics well..
  • 3vilrine3vilrine Member Posts: 259
    PigBenis said:
    They have no clue. If it didn't apply to the conditional portion, then it would never increase and I've seen numerous examples of it increasing due to the multiplier. They are wrong as usual. But hey, stay safe out there survivor!

    Here’s 10 gold for your inconvenience. :trollface:

  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,065
    With any type of health badges, any type of damage badges. The conditional boost gets boosted. That can be proven easily.

    Why would this be different for DR?
    No-one has any real arguments, It seems. So it is best to assume it is just like health and damage.

    (Damage boost and health boosts are real percentages that get multiplied with a flat number( damage or health) .It are the percentages that already get the boost 20%, well before it is multiplied against the flat numbers.)
  • euchideuchid Member Posts: 318
    yes (23+6)*1,2
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 748
    It's just like we spelled it out in discord.

    [(Badge1 + bonus)  + (badge2 + bonus) + (badge3 + bonus)] × 1.2 set bonus = total badge dr%

    Total badge dr% + any iron skin (item and/or hero trait) + any tactical = total hero dr%
  • VersyseVersyse Member Posts: 46
    @Fluxxx Can you please confirm any of the sides' arguments?
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,940
    Lol at the supports answer. I’m sure they don’t know how the game actually works a lot of the time. When badges first came out I was told critical chance badges would help my bruisers stun more often 😂. No offence to them, they do a sterling job but maybe should pass technical questions to the devs before replying. 
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 748
    Hey @Fluxxx could you explain the part about how the game messes with displays of (multiples of 8) + 2?
  • ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
    edited September 2020
    Fluxxx said:
    For cases where, for example, a 20% badge is boosted to 23% - that's mainly a visual error. In the code, they would be 23.999999...%, which will display as 23, but the rounding is only visual - mathematically, the boosted badge will apply correctly.

    Just curious... Why is a true value of 23.999999...% be displayed as 23% on the screen? Why round down or truncate? Why not round up? Or to be exact round off? I'm very sure the devs can easily used 'round off' in whatever program they are using.

    Even the simplest Visual Basic program in Excel spreadsheet allow us to show a more reflected value by choosing 'round off'. 

    Just my thought.
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