Stop selling grenades in shop

Hey NG,
please stop selling grenades in the shop and make GW another p2w mode like the challenge.

Why are most people playing this mode? Its just because it somehow is a true competition, you cant buy the win with gold.

As said by many other players, the back to back topic is making it very annoying, but competing against opponents, who just are buying the win, makes it even worse.

You are on the best way to crash this mode against a wall if you continue to be so greedy!


  • RickMSARickMSA Member Posts: 75
    edited September 5
    Like the idea but I don’t think NG will change it as it is part of the cash machine. If they do they also urgently have to rebalance some gw maps as they are designed for using tools. Imo some of them are impossible to win without tools. And these are not always the highest ones. I came through lvl 42 maps without tools and needed them badly on some lvl 38 maps...
  • 3vilrine3vilrine Member Posts: 198
    Wait and see that will get much worse if more tools will be implemented in the future. There is a reason for the empty space under the medkit.

  • n00bn00b Member Posts: 9

  • Nova_TWDNova_TWD Member Posts: 27
    Let us buy more grenades from the GWs shop
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 636
    They could also add them in The Distance. Especially once we get Nightmare mode  :)
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 264
    Karajoca said:
    Yeah i am not sure if NG staff is aware that 2500 TG crates as reward for reaching 60000 stars as guild, isn't really a reward  :D

    If we get tools as reward we would push more, and i guess spend those tools while trying. It isn't really a reward, more like compensation for playing game and encouragement to repeat from week to week... 
    I couldn’t Agree more! 
    They need to entice players to do well kin challenges otherwise you will continue to have players play at 60% to keep their spot in the team. 
    You give me a Carrot and I might rock 100%
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