Congrats Stelio!

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Epic Milestone. No more words needed... Congratulations, Mr. NML! :-) @Stelio

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    Congrats @Stelio.

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    Go Stelio!! Gooooo!! 🥂🚀😜

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    Goat 🐐 Man. Congrats dude 
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    Stelio said:
    Thanks for the post @RickMSA. I need to ask @Fluxxx how much $$ and time I’ve already invested in this game in the past 4 or 5 years  :D 
    I think it would make me cry lol

    So you're saying you aren't getting paid? I guess it's a good thing you dont know how much the others are making. Great accomplishment either way!!!! 😉
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    My avg time in the game has had been abt 3 hrs per day, maybe a lill more, since past 2 years.
    So, my time would be about 3*2*365=2190 hours total time investment.... with a f2p account... for last 2 years..
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    Hmmmm nobody said congrat to me. I crossed 1 million.

    Just kidding. Congratulations Stelio

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    Stelio put up over 700 in a GWs match against us last week. Painful .

    Congrats . 

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    Pffft... I hit 500,000 stars on August 19, 2024. :sunglasses:

    @Stelio. When are you going to tell people you are a fellow Cyborg? T1000. Advance prototype. 
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