Lucky and One of the Best

Does lucky effect the Guvernor’s leader trait? Specifically the “Increasing the chance of receiving higher level equipment from crates” part.


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    You will find your answer here

    I don't think luck in any way effects Gov's traits

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  • PastePaste Member Posts: 720
    Maybe that part is, but it's not something people generally want or like anyway. His trait doesn't affect the rarity or traits of the equipment, just the levels. If you for example have level 22 survivors and get level 25 equipment from scavenging you already won't be able to use them for a long time. Using Governor in lead you would get them at level 26 instead. It gives you a little extra for scrapping them, but not a whole lot, and once you get close to max level (currently 27) all the equipment you get after a mission will be the max level anyway (his LT can't boost them further then).
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