Should I reroll prowl Darryl iron skin for power strike? How will that effect him in gw ?

?? Reroll iron skin on scout darryl

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  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 53
    Accepted Answer
    Thx atlas got follow through for now


  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 53
    Thx wanted to reroll before leveling to save tokens. So leave him as he is w/ iron skin?
  • HavöHavö Member Posts: 5
    Scout ideal traits are Ruthless, Lucky, Strong and Power Strike. 

    Iron Skin doesn’t do anything at higher levels when you go into struggle in one hit anyways. Scouts weren’t designed to take hits, so Iron Skin doesn’t offer value. 
  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 53
    So I should get reroll for power strike?
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,092
    Not necessary for Daryl, other scouts tho for sure

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  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 176
    If you are even running Daryl in GW that is your 1st problem. 

  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 53
    Thx for the advice have only used Darryl once in gw while rick healing rather than gold dump but good to know not recommended. He did fine @ 1 star when asked to clear a lev 36 . I am not an end gamer although at 74 only just started breaking 1600 & 1700 in challenge (pb 1730) my hero’s are only 1& 2 stars but read a post reroll before leveling so that’s what I am working on first to save token expense. Made many mistakes early on just trying to be more strategic appreciate the advice. Learned a lot from jayz posts as well thx!
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 176
    Are you in a Guild with Knowledgable people? 
    Or are you in Line app? 
    If so, send me a message in here and maybe we can hook up and I’m happy to help you out. 
  • NanajjaNanajja Member Posts: 53
    Helpful guild but wouldn’t say extremely knowledgable and no I don’t have any chat apps not even Facebook! 
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 382
    Get Line. It will open up your game like you wouldn't believe.
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 176
    I agree, Get Line app mate. 
    Forums are way too toxic to learn a heap of the finer details of the game. 

    Please if you go get it . Inbox me here and I will look you up with you and help. 
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