Another Farm Plot please?

So I just upgraded my council to the max level (16) and I was given the ability to add a fourth Supply Storage. Which is ok, but how about the ability to add another Farm Plot? Now with the addition of the Outpost and Walker Pit, we have 18 things that need an extremely large amount of Supplies to upgrade. While it is nice to have extra storage, having the ability to fill it without using a credit card would much appreciated.


  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Whole economy need significant improvement. Production, farming xp and supplies is horrible broken compare to amount which we need to do anything.
    Balance was ok few weeks ago but now totally misunderstanding.
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  • bumshoebumshoe Member Posts: 322
    I find being able to farm EXP all though boring is the leveler when it comes to that but there is nothing to support food. Right now not having food is stalling everything for me to the point where I have a back log.

    Farming is part of pretty much any game all be it not my favorite. It would be nice to farm tomatoes as well as exp. Maybe they could add kill for food where you keep what you kill and waves of zombies never stop. Every so often they go up in levels and so do the food. Like the episode on tc where they took on the horde.
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  • HeisenbergHeisenberg Member Posts: 186
    Well you essentially "farm" exp from your tents, I can usually scrounge up enough exp for what I need but supplies are a different story. They are just making it crystal clear that they want you to break out your credit card, which is normal, they are not developing games for free. I have purchased a couple bundles myself, however the deeper I get into this game the screwed up economics become even more prevalent.
  • HeisenbergHeisenberg Member Posts: 186
    I just noticed that we will be able to add another Farm Plot with a level 17 Council.....which doesn't exist yet...
  • tunkytunky Member Posts: 538
    @Heisenberg Showing the level 17 for farm plot and the level 16 for storage has been in there for a while though. Just no one pays attention since it hasnt had the option to build them. Good thing is now we can have more storage for tomatoes we dont have. But my new storage is upgrading right now for the bp points.
  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 403
    Keeping in mind that in clash it can take over a year or multiple years to farm everythibg you need and with upgrade times of multiple weeks for each upgrade...I dont think the farming requirements are too bad in this game. Granted I am not at higher levels. Only have lvl 12 survivors, but the fact that there are so many people with maxed out bases and this game has only been around for 5 or 6 months tells me it really isnt THAT bad in comparison. They have to make it a LITTLE difficult or you will max out and get bored. Just my 2 cents.
  • HeisenbergHeisenberg Member Posts: 186
    Well I have purchased a couple bundles to help get me where I am at. However at this level the price gets pretty steep.
    5 farm plots - 1.52 million per
    4 storage - 2.4 million per
    Radio tower- 1.26
    2 tents - 1.13 per
    Workshop 1.79
    Personally I think the economics of this game is horrible.
  • FizzyPinotFizzyPinot Member Posts: 355
    @BarcodeJ (sorry not stalking) has pretty much said my thoughts.
    I too am mid level 33 with survivors at lvl13, I listened for 6 weeks with the original players requesting updates as they were standing still waiting for more story line, camps were maxed, storage over flowing (must've been hell seeing excess go to waste.
    Why such passion on the cost of collecting and only 1day 1hr to upgrade (that really is a blip in upgrading at that level surely, other games have 5-10 days to upgrade 1 level and way more plots to upgrade too).
    Once you max you'll be waiting.
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  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Member Posts: 92
    The actual time to upgrade something to the next level isn't a problem in this game. As @BarcodeJ says, other games can take weeks (or I remember Game of War the last upgrade on the castle was over a month) on other games. What is frustrating is the collection of the stuff you need to upgrade. The problem is that some people are willing to pay $$$ to get stuff fast, so they max out fast and then complain. When playing these games, patience is a good thing!

    I remember IM'ing with people on Game of War that had spent US$20,000 on the game to get what they had. I quit cold turkey after $700 as I don't want to ever play a "pay to win" game.
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  • RahleRahle Member Posts: 29
    Games like this are actually made for the long haul and long farming times. Personally so far this game has gone very fast for me. I have enjoyed it but I am weary that I will hit the endgame and have to stall out. I have played clash for years and got bored and moved to other games thus I am here. Just hope the game manages to keep up with its unusually fast pace of gameplay.
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