LFG: Level 73, Level 27 Heroes, avg. 1100+ stars

Daily player and I participate in guild wars every time. I’ve been in current guild since beginning. I’m looking for new home now because there are only about three of us that break 1,000 points weekly and only about 10 that even play. 


  • Alpha98789Alpha98789 Member Posts: 136
    Hey @Razorback check your dm
  • Avez_23Avez_23 Member Posts: 619
    Hi Razorback.  I sent you a PM.
  • RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 7
    Thank you all! I’ve found a new home at DTP! 
  • RobertsRoberts Member Posts: 1
    I don't really remember this level but I probably did it with Lancelot Fee and Mabyn. Try checking youtube for tower placement ideas.
  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,060
  • wonderwomanwonderwoman Member Posts: 119
    Come join WonderwomanInc!   We don’t lose
  • DeadkillerDeadkiller Member Posts: 102
    Rick Raiders would love to welcome you. Players of various levels but they support each other. Having better players to help some of the lower level players learn to improve their game. But also understand that life can create issues that may keep a player away, but not with notification. 
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