Gripe about funnels

GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 174
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Just a small gripe, I try not to do much complaining these days.

So I define a funnel as a point where you cannot pass the zombies blocking the way of a narrow passage. In some cases, not all,  zombies can go straight through but my survivors can not. Am I missing something? What determines this specific and somewhat rare situation? In other instances the zombies behind the plug patiently wait their turn to feast on your brains. They will mosey around behind the blocked path until you kill the one blocking the way.

Also 1 turn struggle spiked walkers. It just kills. I dont like it but accept it. 

Feel free to comment. Again just an annoyance more than anything.



  • VersyseVersyse Member Posts: 22
    I guess it's like if one of your survivors would be there "blocking" the way for the walkers, but allowing your other survivors "pass through" him.
    It's kind of 2 teams, where each lets only the "teammates" pass.
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 456
    Choke points stuffed full of walkers are no fun. I wash dishes and do yard projects instead of mess around with that bs.
  • GroznicGroznic Member Posts: 174
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    Versyse said:
    It's kind of 2 teams, where each lets only the "teammates" pass.

    I get it, just frustrating. The worst part is, I can't free one of my guys from a struggle on the other side but Z's can come through and still angle attack the weakest link causing a total breakdown. I have gotten wise to the situation but still find myself scratching my head.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • KasutoKasuto Member Posts: 11
    That's why it's good to keep a bruiser handy and keep your eyes open for bottlenecks. Stuff your bruiser in the opening ASAP.
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