Reduction of weapons upgrades

Let's get reduction in time it takes to upgrade equipment, even if it's for lower level equipment. Times should be reduced for items that are lower level than the blacksmith and greater reductions for every level lower, and certainly should be minutes and not hours - unless player crafted equipment is to be implemented. If player crafting is in the future, than it would behoove the game in general to lower already given items upgrade times.


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    The hours it takes to upgrade a weapon isn't that big a deal when you are at a higher level because it takes longer to save up all the xp needed to do the next upgrade anyway. When it was 5 seconds I wasted a lot of xp getting a weapon to max only to find better weapon on the next mission...
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    if a weapon takes a long time to upgrade, do it overnight, there is 6-10 hours there where you are not online. Not a big issue and like @Helio said if it is upgrading it gives you the chance to go farm more xp.
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    i think many people just got used to the 5 sec. weapon upgrade time.
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    NG has events for 5 second upgrade times! Closing this thread.

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