Likes / Dislikes of Update 3.10

ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
My likes and dislikes of all the items in Update 3.10 are shown below. Feel free to copy and paste the items and add your own opinions to each of them. 

1. 2 new Challenge maps - :)
2. Daryl's assault rifle - :)  (but Daryl can't use it. It's so stupid)
3. Spiked kingdom shield - :)  (not that great. It leaves gaps in between stunned walkers. Can it stun a stunned walker again and increase it to 2 turns?)

4. Chainsaw update, no threat -  :/  (this equipment makes the most noise, is it a typo error?)
5. New game mechanic push -  :) 

6. Reroll badges -  >:)   (money trap here. Beware!)
7. Council level upgrade -  :|  (doesn't affect me)
8. Radio tent upgrade -  :|  (doesn't affect me)

9. 5 heroes into crates, calls and TGS -  :)  (not bad)
10. Setup GW defenders -  :)   (this is good)

11. 4th trait weapons -  >:)   (do we even need 4th trait? why not 5 traits? It's a trap...)
12. Red gas usage -  >:)   (terrible use of red gas. Not equal in value. Will affect leadership board. Wasted)

13. T-Dog update, double punish -  :)
14. Fast walker update -  :)  (going to be 'fun' with these in GW)
15. Walkers not ignoring stunned raiders - :)  :)
16. 1,2,3 star eq drop removal from L18 missions and above -  :)   :)   :)  (finally)
17. Co-leader role -  :|   (better late than never)



  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 843
    I think hero buff is probably reworking poor LTs. Like how PGG and Rick got buffs.

    Trait buff would be upping defensive stance because it sucks now. Making strong and marksman apply to total dmg not weapon base stat. Stuff like that.

    Weapon buffs? Maybe that's the approach to fix shooters and even hunters. Buff the base damage for the items. Personally, i hope they fix the Spike we gave all that feedback on.
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