Tokens of the reroll for change weapon traits

Please place tokens to change weapon trait


  • KasutoKasuto Member Posts: 11
    As much as I would love this feature, I also kind of like having to work with what I find, even if it's not perfect. I always hope to find something better, or with certain traits, but sometimes I am surprised by the value of the traits I didn't think were ideal.

    The main reason I feel this is unnecessary is that you can always find new weapons, but once you have Merle, you're never going to find a another Merle with different traits. So rerolling character attributes is necessary to have that character with different traits, but to have a particular weapon with different traits, you just have to find it. 

    The exception, of course, is unique weapons, like the Decimator. It comes with Silver Lethal and Gold Piercing and Concussion. But what if you have an Assault character who has Luck and you want that on your weapon instead of Lethal? It would definitely be nice to be able to change it. 
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 418
    So then we can reroll traits on the purchased items? Purchased through $ or in the gold events. But not reroll the traits on the random gold items.

    That's actually a very interesting idea and would make the suboptimal $ items more valuable simply for their ability to be changed.

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