Ability for Team Leader to give individual bonus rewards

We used to have an in-game team competition during guild challenges.  The only tool we had to give as a reward to the weekly winner was to be an elder for the week.  Only after x amount of total earned stars then it became a permanent eldership.

Just about everyone has reached that goal.  There is no options for us to continue.  Team leaders should be given "X" amount of crates or gas to offer as a reward and the ability to give out as they see fit and to whom they want.


  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 286
    You should be able to reward your team or even offer a bundle to them. Unfortunately I wrote in and requested this and they said it can not be done. 
    I literally wanted to buy a team mate a bundle but was not allowed. I ended up putting money into their bank account and told them what bundle to get.
    Its a shame they don’t allow us to reward players, elders don’t get anything but a status. Almost a waste of time being an Elder. 
    But I like your thinking but the game doesn’t allow us to do it. 
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 418
    The game should enable a way for 1 player to gift something to another player. NG can figure out what they want and don't want to work in this system and if a gold tax is taken off the top to use it etc.

    Guild chests aren't adequate for this, have unappealing drops and drop rates, and are at least 75% overpriced nearly all of the time (but in their current drops and drop rates I'm inclined to think more overpriced than 75%).
  • KasutoKasuto Member Posts: 11
    I agree that there need to be better incentives that a Guild Leader can use to motivate their team members. The granting of the Elder status is meaningless. It could be made valuable, though.
    Say, at the end of each Guild War, all players who participated in at least one Battle receive Gold. Members receive 50, Elders 75, and the Leader gets 40 plus 5 for every existing team member. This would give the Leader a little extra, if he has more than 8 members, so it incentivizes him to bring in new members. He can also use the additional Gold to help Advertise for new members. 

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