NML Birthday Call Cost

Would it be possible to do 15 radios per call instead of the normal 25?  :smiley:


  • XeRoXeRo Member Posts: 27
    15 radios would be awesome, I have to save radios for T-Dog and Shane
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  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,142
    Why 15.........................why not 15,000

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  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 142
    When they did the call after season 10 ep 15 with all the dead characters was it a 40 radio call with guaranteed hero on every card?
  • fretjefretje Member Posts: 119
    I think the best would be a 40 call where we can re-roll, and keep all three ;-)
  • DiElElDiElEl Member Posts: 147
    grzechExp said:
    5 years? 5 radios :)

  • AlvaroAlvaro Member Posts: 3
    5 radios and/or 5X?
  • CrocodileCrocodile Member Posts: 670
    zeeblack said:

    5 radios

    5 rerolls

    5 heroes

    5X tokens

    five teas to this gentleman
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  • AlexKomAlexKom Member Posts: 38
    5 heroes and 5 radios. It's the game's fifth birthday!
  • ThanosOfTitanThanosOfTitan Member Posts: 279
    Let’s get behind this post
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