Weekly weapons in Trade Good store for goods or gold

In light of there being old weapons reworked (not just new traits on old weapons) such as chainsaw and spear gun, I think it would be great if NG began offering a highlighted weapon in the trade goods store each week or month. A legendary version (for gold) and an epic version (for trade goods). There are obviously free to play and people who spend money on this game, so I don't really want this to be a debate about value or cost. Some people like purchasing bundles and others would rather save up gold or earn trade goods over a longer period of time. We all get it. To each his/her own. I know I can't be the only one who has passed on weapons available in GW or during weapon gold week based on how it originally functioned and now regret not getting them since they have changed.  What do you think @Fluxxx ? I think NG will make money either way and it gives us another thing to look forward to in the Trade good shop.



  • KasutoKasuto Member Posts: 23
    I prefer these weapons being rare. If I started coming across everyone with them, I'd be annoyed.
  • DedmonDedmon Member Posts: 26
    I get that you prefer weapons to be rare, however, almost every weapon has already been offered at one time or another "for free" within the game without the need to purchase a bundle. Those that purchase bundles often end up with a ton of gold and could have the option to use it how they please (ie. buying more weapons or not). If you are truly free to play it would be hard to accumulate enough gold for all the events, distance restarts, etc., to buy every legendary or rare weapon. Epic weapons would be the only ones considered free or not "rare" as you say since trade goods are a currency you can directly collect as needed within the game.
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 1,153
    I don't regret any of the gold event or gw purchases i made or didn't make. I am extremely well informed thanks to the Line chats I'm in on what i will want/need/use for my heros.

    The only regret i have is that stupid event Spike which is totally useless and NG should modify to make even minimally usefull.

    If NG were to make item trait rerolls on gold/$ purchased items (not freebies from chests) a reality, then yes. I see offering gold items for purchase along with $ items being quite sensible.
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