Bruiser Multi-stun

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I got a 3 turn/1 hit stun while raiding an outpost earlier. Took a picture after the 1 turn had expired because I couldn't believe that bruiser stunned me for 3 turns with one hit. It's very nice to finally have proof of this for everyone that called me a liar when I stated that the gold concussion trait did state that it gave a 3 turn concussion when the trait was 1st released. I wasted a lot of Xp to get a weapon open with it just in time to have it nerfed and people accused me a lying when I came in to ask about.


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    Had this also today!
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    I'm pretty sure my outpost has won for defense with this trait.
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    Okay so the bruiser hits one of my survivors and he gets stunned for 1 turn then he hits another survivor and he gets stunned for 2 turns. Is this a bug or do we need new guide lines for the limits of what this class can do?
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    @DarkFae, I've had it happen to me but it was due to retaliate on the outpost bruiser, it stunned my survivor when I attached the bruiser and then the bruiser attacked and did 2 turn stun. Can you take a look at the text around the bruiser to see if this is what's happening?
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    I don't think that is what is happening but will look again. Especially in the 1st incident. That bruiser struck once and the other two survivors killed it and my survivor was stunned for 3 turns.
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    I've been 3 stunned before...

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    My guess is this is the same as the 2 turn stuns fatties sometimes give. It occurs only when you get stunned on your turn by a bruiser with the concussion trait on his weapon (or by a fatty when you try and move past them and they get a free attack). The stun counter goes down at the end of your turn so you still only lose the normal number of turns (2 turns for bruiser with concussion or 1 turn from the fatty), but the initial count looks worse.
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    Everyone that has posted in this thread is missing the point. If the bruisers were nerfed 2 or 3 turn stuns should not be happening anywhere in the game. I'm looking for an explanation of why is it happening in outpost when we were told by NG that is would no longer be a possibility at all.


    No. My survivor was stunned for 3 turns. I didn't imagine didn't look like one thing and turn out to be another, and I have no more patience for being told I'm wrong about something I know I saw. Last time I talked about this people wanted to do the same crap (which is make me feel and seem like I'm mistaken when I am not) and now months latter its still not resolved and even a mod has stated this a occurred so it's not just me stating it.
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    You're right, I wasn't there. I'm just speculating that the reason is the same as a similar situation that occurs with fatties. FYI, bruisers stun was nerfed so they don't stun on body shots. If they didn't body shot you, they still stun like they used to.
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