The victory dance has to go



  • DegreaserDegreaser Member Posts: 72
    It's probably less silly looking at 1x speed.

    I'm guessing, since I always have it on 2x.
  • LedfutLedfut Member Posts: 17
    I like it, and they basically dance as they fade to black after the mission ends, so its reasonably subtle. It is certainly not where I would suggest the developer focuses their efforts.
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    How about the option to use gold or XP to unlock new dance moves?

    Sorry, jk, couldn't resist ;)
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    I wiggled a spanner in the works, this will be less pronounced in the future.
  • DeweyCroweDeweyCrowe Member Posts: 27
    This discussion reminds me of the old IBM "Killer App" commercial...
    "Jesus if you help me find him, once I kill him, I swear I'll straighten up." ~DeweyCrowe


  • GonkistanGonkistan Member Posts: 166
    Fist pumps would be great, but the current incarnation just makes "yet another cheese factor "feature" that stops the game from working on a device it used to work on before you added so many "cheese factor "features"""
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    The victory screen did speed up the finishing process, but the time it saved was then eaten by the victory dance / fist bump / cheer thing.

    Another thing that should go away is the floating stars, food, radios, gas, and gold when you collect or kill walkers at the wall. When you clicked and they just rolled up your counter, things moved much faster. Now, when I collect after being away for a couple of hours while my gas refills, the flying things populate my screen and cause the game to slow down until they all settle. Sometimes, I will click half, have to wait for the screen to clear, and then collect the rest.

    A lot of the "graphical improvements" were complete wastes of time.
  • shAdshAd Member Posts: 268

    i do not want to defend NG, but thats not how developing works.

    The guy for the animations is a completly different guy (other skills… even other profession) than the programmer that tries to fix something.

    So its no waste of time and things are not going faster if you put e.g. all your graphic amd animations guys to the bugfixing. ;-)
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  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    edited March 2016
    @shAd I never said the graphics guys should be assigned to work on bugs. Where did you see that?

    I gave examples of how "graphical improvements" cause the game to run more slowly. Therefore, they are a waste of player time and get annoying. Sounds like when the graphics guys develop "imorovements", they should communicate better with the programmers so the team as a whole knows how an "improvement" will potentially effect playability before coding them in.

    They waste OUR time.
  • shAdshAd Member Posts: 268
    edited March 2016
    "A lot of the "graphical improvements" were complete wastes of time."
    i thought you refers to the time spent to develop such things.
    Very proud first officer of "<a hred="">Dead Angels</a>"
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    @shAd Context clues, LOL. The context of my post dealt with how the "graphical improvements" slow down gameplay. Hence, the line must be read in that context and not interjected with personal bias.
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    I think the "sexier" they make the game, the more problems my iPad2 will have with it. As for the victory dance, my guys kill walkers 24/7, it is not a big deal for them. Afterwards they sit down covered in zombie, gore, blood, and brains and sit down and have some water to clean their throats. Just another day at the office. They have been there before so no need for big touchdown dance every time.
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    The victory cheer does not consume any extra resources. The survivors are always moving, it's just about which animation clips are being blended at any given time.

    The larger issue is valid; we do add things into the game, so we need to take things out as well. Some of the needed memory we can get back by optimizing things here and there but we have also wholesale removed things. If you haven't noticed them, that's good ;)
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,530
    Cool... Can we add a survivor doing chin-ups when they are in training? :D
  • blackiguanablackiguana Member Posts: 258
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