Single Day radio call is broken.



  • PastePaste Member Posts: 779
    edited November 2020
    Why does this call cost 25 radios? It should cost 20 max imo. Compared to guaranteed hero calls you have only 33% fixed "chance" to get one hero (+ 10.9%) for a second and third hero respectively. You get 50% more tokens for every hero, but  given you get 3 hero cards to pick from in the guaranteed calls you also get much better chances for multipliers.
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  • histerijahisterija Member Posts: 18
    I know we can't hope for our radios back, but if you claim to have solved the problem, you should be able to explain how missing tokens have been distributed among characters. I am still waiting for the tokens
  • Jonto41Jonto41 Member Posts: 1
    Yep happened to me too. Only got 64 tokens.
  • kaizeskaizes Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2020
    me too, really don't understand? can you explain it to me at yowhatsapp?
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,201
    edited November 2020
    The issue appears to be fixed and I got my remaining tokens. 

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  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,409
    I tried again this morning. I still think it’s broken. :lol:

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  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726
    People just don’t learn. This is not a call to spend radios on. Save them for the right calls. A bunch of worthless heros and reality is you only need a handful 
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 1,083
    You were sent the missing tokens for whatever heroes you got from the call while the issue was active.

    So the token numbers that were available DURING the issue and the amounts they should have been:
    • 64 - Should have been 96
    • 256 - Should have been 384
    • 512 - Should have been 768

    So based on the calls you made and tokens you got while the issue was active, we sent you the difference to make the total value what it should have been.

    tommygun said:
    So I got 3 x 64 tokens on the initial call. Eugene, Governor and Gabriel. My compensation is 
    36 - Eugene 
    128 - Governor 
    42 -Gabriel

    Bit random numbers, would love to know how they got to these, can’t I just have my radios back. 
    You had 3x64 Eugene Tokens, but you can only pick out 1. Instead of 64, it should have been 96 - which is why we sent 32 (96-64)

    The other two were likely sent because you made 2 more calls while this issue was active, and got 256 (you'd get 128 to make it ) Governor and 64 Gabriel Tokens (you'd get 32). 

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