PSA: I have found a fix to the rollback bug and many others.



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    eetu said:

    I do understand your frustration and can sympathize, but at the same time am sad to see you depart. All the best in your future endeavors!

    All good things come to an end for each of us, but as a general note the game is getting a lot of new players, new exciting gameplay, the bugs are getting squashed one by one, and the community is building up.

    The future looks bright, upwards and onwards!

    As much as I am happy to agree about new exciting gameplay, on the bug front things its going downhill. Every time something is squashed a new bug arise where things were perfectly fine. And the bugs are getting worse.

    Right when we get a word on this forum that rollback issue been fixed i had another one. I lost in total about 30h of gameplay in 2 rollbacks and funny enough most of those hours i spent on farming xp............ i would maybe bought some if the prices made any sense but that is another story. Ticket sent to support 3 days ago... Silence...
    Not a big surprise since in my guild alone we have rollbacks reported every few hours for last week, so imagining how many players are affected the support team must be pretty snowed under rants and f-words from frustrated survivors. I could live with any other bug that we faced but this one is bit to much. I crap my pants every time i log in now... Don't know how hard is to pin point the problem and get it fixed, but all we heard is that it was fixed few days ago, when it obviously wasn't.

    I always thought "its fine one day it will all work perfectly fine" that was months ago and i am starting to lose faith. I am still quite far away from moving on from the game. Its great or at least it could be. But you guys don't give us (or at least me personally) to many arguments that the future will be bright...

    Also its not only about bugs, there are things that apparently work as intended that are dodgy. Like challenge cap at lvl 20 which means anyone with good gear can farm almost any map infinitely etc etc.

    And PLEASE, get rid of airplane farming marketplace rewards......... You give people best possible gear for nothing......
    - ish
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    And stop auto clickers. I know you've previously said it was difficult, but with outposts, it's really important.
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    agree jester and not sure how difficult, they seemed to find a solution on the last challenge did they not ? flood the place with fatties after x walkers, will stop auto clickers farming, and for those that just leave game on and click a few things.. maybe if you dont raid every 70 mins then your disconnected, after all why else would you leave game connected with the battery drain for that time..
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    I don't understand why anyone would bother with an autoclicker. You can't possibly enjoy a game if you aren't actually playing it. What is your drain your phone battery while you sleep? Go, you!
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    To keep your outpost from being attacked.
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    To keep your outpost from being attacked you just need to leave the game open at your campsite.
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    Hmmmm.....two of my guildies reported they were attacked while they were online. One did an exploration mission. The other was in a challenge mission. When they returned to camp, they got the "outpost raided" message. We thought that the no attacks while online simply meant you couldn't be attacked while inside the Outpost interface (like editing the map or while setting defenders). Most of my guildies now say that they are leaving the map editor open and put their devices on the charger to keep from getting attacked when they are saving TG for upgrades.
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    Thank you, I may just do that :)

    Thanks a lot man, you've always been awesome and I've always spoken highly of you.

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Thanks, you always crack me up, i'll miss the laughs!

    Thanks, I agree

    BYE! you were definitely my favorite thing about being in soco for the short time I was!

    I'm glad i could offer another soundboard for you. I'm surprised you didn't flag my post. lol


    I always enjoyed our small interactions, I'm sad there weren't more!

    Thanks man, I've seen you live many times. always a good show!



    @Teeceezy and @eetu
    I know my thread was far from flattering, I appreciate the goodbye and good wishes. I sincerely wish you and the rest of the NG staff all the best.

    @Kappa123 @TUCO @jester
    Thanks bros, i'll still stop into guild chat to have a drink with you all!
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    Woohoo!! I'm a favorite thing!!! Lmao

    Geeze dude...either stay or go!! Obviously peeps don't want you to go but if your really really really realky really really gonna do it ...just go "pop" ....gone

    Otherwise...just say love us so much you can't go ;)

    Lol I said realky

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    I don't really know dread but I've seen goodbye posts before and this is by far the longest goodbye post I have ever seen posted in a forum. If this were the Academy Awards and an acceptance speech for winning an Oscar they would definitely start playing the hurry up and get off the stage music with the red light blinking on top of the cameras.

    I have a feeling dread has not deleted the game and will still be lurking for some time to come.

    Good luck chuck.
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    @Dread, it's really sad to see you go. You were a stalwart on the forum.

    You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the problem, not join them. You were to bring balance to the forum, not leave it in darkness.

    To @all, please see official response from NG regarding the rollback issue.

    Thank you,

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