Weapon Change: Bayonet Musket



  • SuperheroSuperhero Member Posts: 244
    So, is this a must buy today? I scrapped my Musket months ago. Silver Swift Strike, Gold Razr, and Gold Charging. Sounds fun. No Destructive though. Think there will be a version with that instead of Charging?

    The musket has the same traits as mine, which I bought some time ago. I´m fine with that. 
  • chevchelliouschevchellious Member Posts: 23
    Fluxxx said:
    The Musket has the drawback of attracting threat every charge attack, whereas the Spear doesn't have a weakness that significant. So at least for now, there's no plans of upping the spear damage, but let's see :)

    Correct, it creates a threat, but it can also kill multiple targets
  • McKnifeMcKnife Member Posts: 40
    I lıke the change.It comes handy and really kicks ass
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