Refreshed Black Market Store already sold out?

So my Black Market store just refreshed with Gabriel and for some reason the Trait Reroll Tokens are already sold out. I haven’t purchased any of them since last week, and this was the first time popping into the store since the refresh so there is no way that I could’ve purchased them prior. 

Do the reroll tokens have some sort of purchase cap? Or once they’re purchase from a hero they are sold out for good from that hero? What’s the point of giving me a wasted spot then?


  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 1,058
    Hey, we're working on a fix for this issue right now. Later this week we will release an update that should resolve the problem. Have you bought the Reroll Tokens from Gabriel before?
    It would be a bit odd if you haven't purchased them before, since this issue (as far as I've seen) happens when you've purchased the item from the same hero before.
  • HavöHavö Member Posts: 7
    Fluxxx said:
    Have you bought the Reroll Tokens from Gabriel before?

    Hey Fluxx, thanks for the reply and confirming that I’m not going crazy. 
    I can’t recall who I bought reroll tokens from exactly. I can only recalling buying them twice before. It would make sense for one of them to be from Gabriel goven what you’re saying and how I imagine the code would be bugged. 
  • RickMSARickMSA Member Posts: 100
    @Fluxxx It definitely also happens when you didn't buy the item before. I had this issue with the festive shotgun. Would have loved to buy it but couldn't as it said that it was sold out... 🤨
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