how to get assaults to stun

wmswms Member Posts: 57
When I get to to about 7 levels above my survivors' levels I hope to get my assaults to stun since they only get body shots.  Been changing traits and badges to help in this effort but still have a long ways to go to get everything I've seen recommended.  I thought "okay, so you have to be charged to stun but if you can not kill opponents then you can not charge.  Infrequently, I have seen my assaults stuns if against levels that are about 9 levels higher.  But not sure since I rarely get there.  Example:  my Abe is now level 26, and I can not seem to damage a level 34.  He has Iron skin, retaliate, dodge, and lucky which seems like a pretty good layout.  I really need to improve badges as I only have 1 health, 2 DR, 2 low base damage,  (do plan on going all defensive)  I have decimeter, daryl assault (level 30) and now upgrading golden assault to 28.   What am I doing wrong.  Are assaults able to stun only when against  levels 40s as shown in all the you tubes?


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,674
    Assaults only stun on charge attacks, and 100%

    Stun will only fail (on charge attack) if the event has stun resistance or immunity (such as a tank walker) 

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  • wmswms Member Posts: 57
    Thanks ATLAS-Z.  I thought as much at times.  Then my problem must be that I can not get the Assaults to become charged. I could run from them, have the bruiser stun them,  and shoot repeated round; and the damage is minimal and the assault never becomes charged.    I've tried to have others reduce the zs health then give the kill to Assault but that's hard to time.  I feel like I'm missing something simple.  I apologize if I'm being dense. 
  • MasterofBulletsMasterofBullets Member Posts: 19
    Try to use Sasha in the lead for your Assaults. Her LT gives charge points for bodyshots, so you don’t have to go through the process of killing walkers for charge points.
  • wmswms Member Posts: 57
    ahhh, that's why so many players use Sasha as the lead.  I was doubting Sasha body shot charge strength as I didn't see her get many body shots.  But with the Assaults benefiting that would be significant.  Thank you MasterofBullets. 
  • MasterofBulletsMasterofBullets Member Posts: 19
    edited December 2020
    Sasha is without a doubt one of the top heroes of no man’s land, and she’ll take you far once you reroll her and upgrade her LT. If you don’t see many bodyshots with her, try using a weapon without piercing and boost her LT activating on a bodyshot with lucky. Check JayZ’s guide for more info on how to build Sasha and overall improve your game.
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