F2P LeaderBoards

NG, Its posible to have a F2P global and country LeaderBoards ?

I know it's a lot of work but you should have all the microtransactions saved so a separate list could be made. I think you could include people who have spent less than 5-10 dollars since the game started. F2P also like to compete!!!
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    thank you for your comments @ShadowWalker then more easy, 0 spending.

    1.- Correct, I agree, now they are obsolete but not at the time, so it had an advantage in the past.
    2.- Advantage over those who start from the same time.
    3.-They have an advantage and enough. It is proven that with full or 24H gas in 4-6 hours you can make 2000 stars. If you have saved 100-150 gas you can do 1000-1500 stars
    4.- waste of money !!!!!

    F2P LeaderBoards!!!

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    I don’t think NG would want to showcase the F2P side of this. They want people to spend money, to support the game and having F2P leaderboards would go against this. Those people near the top of that leaderboard who normally wouldn’t know how well they were doing could be persuaded by the right bundle to spend a bit of cash to get increase their score. They probably wouldn’t do that if they knew they were top of the F2P leaderboard. 

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    Thanks @Firekid for your comment

    I don't know if NG will show F2P score or not so this post, I want to try. I am a player who has spent money in the game and I see that players in my clan earn fewer stars because they are not motivated, they do not have anyone to compete with because they do not know who is spending or not spending money in the game.

    Returning to the subject that concerns us, an F2P player should not spend money no matter how high he is in the ranking, precisely because his philosophy is not to spend money. 

    Honestly looking at the current scores, I highly doubt that an F2P is in the top 20 in the home country. Why? Simply because it will not have gasoline to make them.

    The game at the beginning, only fed on advertising, then the weapons came to buy and only this already made a difference of 200-500 stars at least between the P2W and the F2P.

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    Good! I already have a JSS a couple of disagrees and a couple of LOL. Perfect, we are already beginning to see players who are portraying themselves ... thanks, but that's not the goal!
    it is impressive, the refusal of some players about a score list dedicated to F2P. I do not know why would that be ....
    The question is sent to NG not to you ...
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    Make a F2P team.  If you build it,  they will come
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    i dont think NG will do that. they need to earn money too. spending time on something that dont convert to possible income is not what business is. i think most of NG activities is on make players spend gold. the black market is good example.

    yes, game is free and i like that way. no need board. that is just my opinion.
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    One thing I think NG should add to the leaderboards is a category for your player level. I doubt someone with lv 20 survivors cares that much about what the top players are scoring. In relation to their score anyway.
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    I have been playing for just under 4 years, 100% F2P and proud of it. How about a check in thread where NG can confirm the fact and show how many of us that there are? I have my doubts about players that claim to be 100% F2P. 

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    While I understand the sentiment, there’s no way NG will go out of their way to cater to the F2P crowd. They cater more towards the paying crowd since that’s who keeps them in business. Call to Arms and Black Market have already bridged the gap and blurred the lines for gold-hoarders. While I’d love to see more stats, NG has never prioritized that or shown much willingness to go there.
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    I have played since the game came out I am a fan of TWD comics and I stopped watching the series ... I am a F2P player, although being realistic some packages have tempted me (chainsaw for example). At the beginning, the game is full of advertising ... now people buy or not! maybe a F2P list is a lot of work, could just put the name of F2P in green.
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    @Mojaku Excellent idea! That may be something that NG could easily implement. Hope that @Fluxxx gets to see this post. Thanks! 
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    Good Morning!
    One day without entering the post, there was movement !!! I see comments of all kinds! I keep seeing JSS in my comments ... I see resentment hahahaha luckily the voting is clearly visible. Here a proposal has been made to NG ... 

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    F2P players do not enter into provocations, they do it very regularly,  when they dont like or affect the topic.  They want to discuss and NG closes the post without reply. If they don't want an F2P list it is for any reason, put JSS or disagree in their comments.

    Note: It is not the first time they put the same or similar
    "Damn I shouldn't come on the forum when I'm drunk”. or "I really shouldn't start this argument, but ...."
    They do not put a name for anyone to take for granted
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    edited December 2020
    Please stop using the thread to generate discussion and cause its closure. 

    The comics have already ended, the tv show ends in 2021. How long do you think the game has left to live? 1 year? 2 years? The company must pay image rights, royalties etc ...

    Hopefully the game lasts a long time but have to be realistic....
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    Omg who cares about who pays or not. I’m F2P prove me wrong! 

    Exactly you can’t you can only assume I’ve P2P cause I’ve admitted it and argued bundles.

    Paying doesn’t make you better at strategy or knowledge. This argument is so old and so boring. Reality is it don’t matter if you are F2P or if you pay.
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    Please stop using the thread to generate discussion and cause its closure. 

    The comics have already ended, the tv show ends in 2021. How long do you think the game has left to live? 1 year? 2 years? The company must pay image rights, royalties etc ...

    Hopefully the game lasts a long time but have to be realistic....

    Your welcome. :*
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    This is the same speech that is given to employees before being fired from the company, Everything is fine, working overtime, tomorrow to beg on the street ...

    What do you want the company to sell you?
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    Can some mod check who this troll is? (IP or something), 7 posts with the name 'FreeToPlay', for sure some second account troll.. lol
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    Why? I am not breaking any rules. I'm not swearing or naming anyone. I only answer the rest of the players
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