Eugene pickle jar vs decimator

hi. sorry again. i saw the eugene pickle jar from rufus. but dont know whether to get jar or wait for decimator? jar has lucky but i think decimator has lethal. can an experience player help pls? thx 


  • RiotZappaRiotZappa Member Posts: 80
    I’ve never used the pickle jar and a few in my guild say it’s rubbish.

    The decimator is great though. Use it quite a lot.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,062
    Pickle jar has a smaller radius of explosion.
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 722
    or it had some other functionality like reducing the movement of those that were hit to like 1/2 movement (because of the pickle juice or something). 
    I like this logic. Let's make it happen.
  • ArqueueArqueue Member Posts: 95
    wow. i dont know that pickle jar has smaller radius. not mention in description. i now know. thx everyone!

    @zbot sorry to trouble you to close. i got my answer. thx
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