BloodyChainsaw broke the game? ☃️



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    BloodyChainsaw is alien
    @JayZ I have seen BC videos where he uses triple hunters while other top players use Sasha 2 assaults. I also know he doesn't use Beta for some reason. 
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    WellyLuga said:
    Many, many players beat all 6 maps at super nightmare, myself included and I didn't even break the top 100. It was just a case of gold and time after that. Bloody clearly had the most of both. He didn't break the game, it's been broken for a long time.

    All Bloody is doing is shining a big light on the cracks. Nightmare mode needs addressing, bumping it to 54 does nothing. It'll be a case of the same shit, different week with Boom Barrel this week. If he hadn't played this week would there be a Lady J broke the game thread? Sav? Koolo? Flo? I doubt it, when Koolo recently broke his record was there a thread with this much ass kissing? Honestly... 🙄
    To answer your last part..... NOPE!!!! 
    You are completely correct with the MANY MANY players beat all 6 maps and posted their videos in the community line chat rooms for all to see and learn how to approach each map. This week will be no different, endless challenge for those that want to run up their scores and hopefully get their own thread on it. I personally don't mind a endless challenge during a non competition cause i can be finished with it by Friday and enjoy the rest of the weekend unless i need to pass the time i can jump in and do a quick map here and there like this past week.Basically was Done by Friday morning and did 4 maps total the rest of the way when i needed something do.
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    Danski_46 said:
    @JayZ I have seen BC videos where he uses triple hunters while other top players use Sasha 2 assaults. I also know he doesn't use Beta for some reason. 
    He doesn't use beta because he believes there is no point in not killing on maps using beta, and yes your correct he does use 3 hunters on many maps certain weeks, others will as well. However keep in mind he has all 10* toons which 98% of the community does not have, which can make a difference on the nightmare modes. So players adapt to what works for them using the strategies they have seen. 
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    How about not sharing anything with anyone for copy pasta? To have atleast a little bit of competition from time to time ... this is boring as hell lately. Not even new mapsets that were released staying unaffected by copypastasharing.
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    Is it possible that Sasha is too overpowered? I hear a lot of people saying that the challenges can be neverending and that things are getting too easy once you have her and other toons maxed.  Would knocking her down a few notches make things more competitive?  I'm not even close to endgame but ive read enough to know that without strategies using Sasha things get way harder...   Just a thought,  seems like it would force new heroes to come out and play a bit more at least...
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    Bloody is Santa Claus
    He does cry a lot like this. 
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    Bloody is Santa Claus
    Damn.  He just asked me to start a forum thread to celebrate his uncanny effort and the NG glitch that allowed him to get there.  He really only got 1500. He's put a ticket in and asked NG to fix it.  You can all love him again now....   
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    Amazing how so many can hate. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing his videos. He is a step above most end gamers.

    Knowledge of game, all the right equipment, patience, and devotion. 

    There’s players like JayZ or Busta or cram who share their videos. I thank them for it and I’ve used a lot of their lineups, but I’ve also done other lineups with success. 
    So much of game at high level is luck. Does Sasha charge first try? Does bruiser not go struggle? Does dodge kick in? Fire ignite first try?

    One thing I’ll share is Shane is a huge game changer at nightmare... just from what I’ve seen. 
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    @WellyLuga there’s always gonna be that in games mobile or not. There’s gonna be greats, bottom feeders, and heavy spenders. 

    I was one of the richest players in a RPG Mobile game and got so much “distaste” from other players cause I spent maybe a 100 bucks over 7 years. But I was great at controlling the market and buying and selling rare items within game. 
    You know I’m huge on a lot of it being luck, but I can testify the teams he uses made me scratch 
    My head and that’s where the skill knowledge comes in. During NW he was using teams no one else was and once spent over 30 minutes on one map to 3* it. 
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    @WellyLuga I leave stars from the second I start lol I only chase in events.

    I agree and disagree. The amount of man hours it takes to get 15k I’m sure is more than 11k, or 8k or 3k. Gold spent? Sure but I bet during NW I was outscored and probably spent more gold. So despite luck knowledge and skill plays in. I think I got 18th US or something.. but I spent more than I care to admit just cause I don’t play high levels that often I run straight MM only 
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    Chainsaw is the man. Don't hate, just congratulate

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